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There are some songs that just vibe so well that I play them again as soon as they end. Take these 4, for example:

EXID - "Cream"

BTS - "Tomorrow"

VIXX - "Butterfly Effect"

BEAST - "Curious"

It makes me wonder if it's 'cause they share something in common?

What songs do you play on repeat?

yup i think they do. always on repeat for me in some days.
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I usually repeat love that is too painful was not love- ailee and hey, hui- ailee
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CELTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I always play on repeat jump by BTS love me right by EXO home run by got7 and lifted by CL
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BTS save me and boy in luv.... EXO overdose and.. *actually most of exos songs... Lol adding to the list the recent "lotto" GD and Taeyang- good boy ... actually I have to many hahaha
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