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How to Add LEDs to Cosplays!

The other day I posted about all different kinds of cosplays that light up, so today I decided to look into easy ways to add lights to my cosplays on my own! I knew it shouldn't be that difficult, and it turns out it's not!

This is the tutorial that I found most helpful!

She covers the basics of how to put a battery, LED light, and switch together to make an LED circuit for your cosplay prop!

This guy does it a bit differently!

He uses LEDs that are already attached to wires & resistors, which seems easier to me and a bit safer!

And because I wanted to know more about LEDs at the base level...this video!

This just gives a break down of what LEDs are, how they work, the different types there are, etc, which helps me feel more comfortable getting into them!

Now, go light up your cosplays!!!

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