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Hiya! So, I know I've got some series going on but my friend wanted me to open up another one, solely based on one shots since I've written a few in the past. Now I will publish the ones I've finished but I also want requests form you!! Please message me here and tell me information you'd want in your story! Im willing to do Exo and Bts. It can be any genre, form romance, to angst, to smut/lemon! I don't mind! So hit me up guyssss, thank you for your time! Tags: @tiffany1922 @morhilge1441 @yaya12 @Izzy987 @tinafalcon22 @melibee717 @MoraLesley @zzzdonk @DejaunaeSiders @MidnightMadness @msutiyono @DestinyXiong @Orihemay @KathyCrew @Eliortiz13 @AaliyahNewbell @Izzy987 @JessicaFigueroa @Jinnyrod3 @tinafalcon22 @mrsax2018 @JarvieaKlipka @sung1rl199674h @SweetDuella @mrsax2018