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~ The Sadness in my Heart ~ Genre: Angst, One-sided love, romance, heartbreak. ____________________________________ Beakhyun looks at his phone for like the hundredth time that day. Sadly the screen was blank. It has been three hours since his best friend went out. She promised him that after the date she would have movie night with him, since she rarely spent time with him due to her boyfriend of 3 months. Beakhyun clutches his chest feeling the pain striking his heart. The thought of her and him having a great time together..holding hand....kissing, tore him apart. He lays back on his couch taking deep breaths to clam down, waiting for the pain to numb down. He glances at the clock beside the T.V stand an closes his eyes. 'She said she'd be an hour ago..' He closes his eyes to think back to the great times he shared with ______. -Flashback- "Beak!! Wake up!!" Beakhyun opens his eyes as he squints, the sunlight burning. "Y/N?" He groans sitting up. He looks around recognizing the roof of the high school. He must have fallen asleep again. He looks up at the figure looming over to him. A smile creeps across his feature as he looks at Y/N's smiling face. He felt awake, alert and happy. Her presence itself brought happiness into his life. "Did i fall asleep again?" He asks rubbing his eyes. Y/N nods and plops down beside him pulling something out of her bag. "Listen, i know math sucks but you skipped through the whole morning! Its lunch time right now" she scolds handing him a brown bag. He raises his eyebrows in question. "Its fired chicken from the new shop that opened a block from here" she explains grabbing her chopstick and eating a bowl of plain rice. "Why are you eating rice?" Beakhyun asks opening the bag and pulling out the contents. "Oh, mom gave me lunch money today since she couldn't make lunch" she explains. Beakhyun freezes realizing that instead of buying herself a decent lunch she bought him food. "What?! Why did you get this for me?!" He asks horrified. "Cuz i care about you dummy" she says pulling him in for a hug. His heart swelled up and he felt his face burn. This was the happiest day of his life! She pulls back staring into his eyes smiling wide. "And because I've noticed you were kind of down for the past week" she adds as he nods quietly. Just then her phone buzzes, in lightning speed she picks it up. "Jimin!......yea i just came to check up on my best friend ......uh-huh...ok i'll be right there!!" She says into the phone. Beakhyun stopped chewing, the words, 'Jimin' and 'best friend' seemed to have stabbed him in his heart. "Hey i got to go now...bye Beakhyun!" Y/N says in a hurry. She gets up and pecks Beakhyun on the cheek before running out. Beakhyun's face burned due to the kiss but his heart ached in pain. For the past week she has been dating Jimin, he knew he was being selfish for wanting her to himself but he prayed, that this would only be temporary -End of Flashback- Beakhyun opens his eyes a sigh leaving his delicate lips. Its been three months since that day. In a few weeks they'd be going to university, and Jimin and Y/N are still going strong. His dream of confessing to her would never happen an deep down he knew it. A sharp knock is heard as he bolts up. He lazily walks to his door expecting Chanyeol asking to borrow his portable T.V or something. He opens it to see Y/N, her usual earth shattering smile gone. As if it was never there. Beakhyun scrunches his eyebrows. "Y/N?" She lets out a small smile walking into his complex. "Hey Beak, sorry for being late" she says. He scans her outfit. She wore a white beautiful flowy dress an her hair and makeup was done cutely. She looked breathtakingly beautiful. She plops down in the couch grabbing for the opened coke and taking a long sip. Beakhyun had been drinking thy earlier, he blushed furiously as he took a seat beside her being mindful of a distance between them. "Whats wrong?" He asks gently, she leans on his shoulder surprising him. "Jimin, wanted to give me a promise ring..." She trails off. Beakhyun felt that familiar pain yet again. He glanced at her fingers, but she wasn't wearing it. "Where....is it?" He asks afraid he would break down. "I....i couldn't take it Beak.....i love him, Beak i really do. But....i froze and ran...." She say struggling with the words. Beakhyun nods but is unable to say anything. The sadness in his heart kept resurfacing. "o-oh... Why is that?" He asks afraid of the answer. ____________________________________ Hope you guys enjoyed! Sorry i left it on a cliff-hanger! Muhahahah, anyway please send requests and comment if you want a pt2!!
I need a part 2... I need to know what happens
@Sweetbarbie16 OMG WHERE IS PART2????
part 2 part 2 part 2 plz