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~ Hands to Myself ~ Genre: Romance, Drama, small amount of Smut. "Make sure your passionate and make the audience feel it, make them feel the energy!" PD-Nim finishes his encouraging words as Exo nods, satisfied with what they heard. "Ok guys, 1..2..3, Exo Fighting!" The group cheers as they make their way to the stage all excited for the 'Lady Luck' performance. Chanyeol was extra excited, his long term girlfriend was going to finally watch his performance. Being a doctor, meant long hard hours. She was rarely ever free and always came home late nights. But today she begged for a day off and here she is. Sometimes, Chanyeol wonders how he was lucky enough to get such a wonderful girl in his life. Kai stays behind and smirks at Chanyeol. "Excited to see her?" He asks his smirk never leaving his face. Chanyeol blushed and looked forward. "Of course, Y/N is gonna watch me" he says smiling to himself. "Wow man your whipped, i still can't understand how someone like you got someone like her" Kai says making Chanyeol agree with him. Kai gets more serious as the he get closer to the stage. They pile in to the stage as the screams, squeals and cries of fan girls filled the stadium. Chanyeol quickly looks at the closest seats to the stage immediately finding her. He thought it would take longer but she was the first one to catch his eye. She wore a crop top and booty shorts. He internally groaned as his eyes caught sight of her legs. The milky colour of her skin was beautiful under the dimly lit room. Was she trying to make him lose his control? He was beginning to imagine al sort of scenarios as they played through his head. He couldn't resist. He was on a verge of insanity not being able to touch her, unable to smell her or kiss her. She was to busy looking at her phone. She was looking at her phone and quickly put it away and looked up making eye contact with Chanyeol. She smiled wide only to see his lust filled eyes. As a response Y/N squeezed her legs together making Chanyeol run his tongue across his lower lip. Oh boy was she in trouble. How dare she wear that in public! And at his concert!! He is so used seeing her in scrubs, that this outfit drove him to the edge. He had to punish her tonight. 'Make it passionate' the words that were spoken to him rang through his head. 'Oh i can make it passionate' Chanyeol growled inside his head as the song began. With every move, every thrust he put passion. He envisioned Y/N which only made the want more desirable. He noticed how Y/N's eyes gazed over his dancing body. When his parts came he sung ti her. The girls around Y/N squealed thinking he was singing to her. But Y/N knew better. The song neared its end and Chanyeol made eye contact with Y/N giving his final thrust making her face go ablaze. As Exo bowed and piled out of the stage Chanyeol calls over his Bodygaurd and told him to bring his girlfriend back stage to meet with him. He wanted to scold her. He went into the air conditioned room and likely no one was there. He took off his shirt to cool down and took deep breaths to clam down his desire. "C-chanyeol?" Y/N squeaks. Chanyeol closes his eyes snd smiles. Her scent filled the room as he slowly got up and faced her. She already walked half way and looked at him. "Hey babe....enjoyed the show?" He asks walking so close to her the lips nearly touched. "U-uh it was amazing Chanyeol" she says softly memorized by his lips. "Good, cuz there is something else i need to show you" he growls into her ear, unable to keep his hands to himself. ____________________________________ I don't know if you'd say this is smut but, its mild smut! Hope you enjoyed!
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