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Speaking of random patches of body hair, how did eyebrows even become a thing?

Did God just look at our faces and go, "The eyes are good, but it seems like they need just a little more framing."?
or beards those things are the greatest mystery ever
Emphasis on greatest.
I want to laser remove my eyebrows someday and get an eyebrow tattoo above my eyes. So that way I won't have to worry about plucking them or getting them waxed and what not! Also I really hate the hair in my triangle! So gross! It's even worse that the hair holds onto the smell! *shivers*
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Exactly! But then again, I don't mind getting them waxed every once in a while.
That's ok, I see it now. Whew! My eyes had me so fooled!
Ummm... What's that bendy thing? Bottom left corner...
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Well... I cannot say what it looked like at first glance, but now I see it's the back of a man's head of hair