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My Pokemon so far
Two thirds of the Pokemon I caught in south Dakota this weekend
other third
Snorlax and Jynx I got from my two ten km eggs and magmite from my 5 km egg at Mt.Rushmore!
Looks good!! Super jealous of your snorlax!!
@buddyesd I works,trust me
@LCordz lol,you have to see from what time to what time is the nest coz they usually last 30 min like I know where a nidoqueen spawn is at in Minnesota,but I rarely go to the city,so ya,and it's from 5:00 to 5:30pm
@LCordz @buddyesd I think it is a regional thing coz here in Minnesota it's kind plain while south Dakota has so many
It is a regional thing. I pretty much love in a desert so we get a lot of fire Pokemon and rock Oh! I just noticed you have a haunter too!! I'm even more jealous of that!! I want a gengar soooooooo bad!
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