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The very popular Koe no Katachi manga is being adapted into a movie!! I've never read the manga myself, but I'm really excited for the movie based on this trailer. It looks happy, sad, touching...and I can't even understand all that's being said :D
The movie will be over 2 hours long, about the length of 5-6 episodes, and is being done by KyoAni which makes me even MORE excited for it!
A lot of people are suggesting you read the manga before watching this, so I'm thinking about doing so...but I want to know:

has anyone read this manga? how good is it?

JESUSU! I'm not allowed to watch anime anymore😭😭
I'm so excited for this to come out! the manga was great, wish the ending was a little different, but over all still really good!
i liked the manga a lot and so excited to see this post!😆 i would recommend reading the manga
it is my favorite manga