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I could tell the difference when they first debute and I love them both but them now it's so hard to even tell the difference between them.
Kwangmin has always been my favorite twin! I just love him to death. His brother Youngmin is just as adorable as Kwangmin and I know they have different personalities but it's always hard telling them apart from one another.
I mean Kwangmin is the one that raps and such but I always have to wait in a mv for him to do it to tell them apart sometimes BUT if anyone can tell the twins apart and can tell me how they can tell them apart I would appreciated it. I mean I'm a twin I just don't look a like as my sister though people can always mix us up with each other. it's sad that even close friends can't tell us apart other then 3 of our friends. But any who have fun with this card guys love ya!