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Above is my promotion video
My alarm was ringing but I didn't want to get up, I didn't want to go to school, not with them. As I rolled onto my side and hit my alarm clock V waltzed in "GET UP OUR GOLDEN MAKNAE, YOU HAVE SCHOOL!!" I groaned... he's so annoying, he jumped on top of me and started to tickle my sides, of course my natural reaction was to kick him off the bed "Alright hyung, I'll get up" I sighed and walked over him to the bathroom. To no surpruse Jin hyung was looking in the mirror, making sure he looked good enough to drop me off to school, I scooted past him and pushed him out locking the door when he was gone. i need to shower.... I undressed myself and looked down at my chest....bruises everywhere, if the members saw this... They won't I won't let them... I shook my head and got into the shower, as I was washing my hair I heard a knock "Jungkook, its Rapmon hyung you have 20 minutes left." I rinsed my hair without saying a word to him. Once I got out of the shower I dried off and got dressed into my school uniform, I glanced at myself one last time in the mirror before exiting. "Jin hyung you ready?" I heard footsteps, hes rushing again... I really don't want to go to this horrid school....I....nevermind
The link to my quotev account if you are interested