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I know everyone has been all over this show recently. And who Subaru should be with, Rem or Emilia, maybe Beatrice or Ram. But I'm not her today to talk about about. I'm here to show my favorite ship in the show...even though the ship is worn and torn apart and reaching it's end I still love it. Who? Of course the greatest swordsman and swordswoman in the show, Wilhelm and Teresa Van Astrea!!
At first they only showed a little of these two together but then this latest episode completely mesmerized me! How could such a gentle girl be the best swordsman in the entire kingdom!? Despite her looks she really is the strongest..
She even put Sir Wilhelm to shame once but that didn't stop him. "Why do you wield your sword?" "I wield my protect you" "Now I am the strongest swordsman, a face as beautiful as yours no longer has a reason to wield a sword." Ahhh! I love them!
I personally thought this scene was such a beautiful scene, it is by far my favorite of the show! Yes there are many other great one but this one is my favorite! Between slaying the white whale to avenge his fallen wife and showing up to and proving he is the better swordsman just so he could show his love to her. I almost lost it! I loved it so much!!! Just hearing him shout "I Love You" to his wife really was a great way to close that scene!
Sorry for all that rambling I just did, I felt like I had to just share some love for these two! @hikaymm @AimeBolanos @otakudemon10 @biancadanica98
I love this scene soooooo much!!!!!! seriously they're the best. Wilhelm and Teresa Van Astrea deserve an OVA or more time or SOMETHING!
Agreed 100% That would be awesome if they got their own OVA! Hell I wouldn't mind watching a spin-off show about them two!
I actually still haven't watched this one, I've heard about it alot cuz its everywhere. But I've never seen pictures of it and now that I have it gives me a Akagami no Shirayukihime vibe which I like.
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Since it's been recommended, I'll start it this weekend, I've heard many good things about it!