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Here is the link to take the test, courtesy of drama fever:

My result is Lee Min Ho!

I have to admit I watched all his dramas in a row 馃槅. Not even gonna lie. He was my second Korean crush! 馃槏.

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I got GD
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Now its Song Joong ki
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Aye GDRAGON鉂も潳 Not your typical flower boy--G-Dragon has won your heart with his incredible taste not just in fashion but in the way he carries himself. You embrace his metrosexual style and see it as artistic. This edgy rebel and you would sit down and talk about conceptual things like personas, popularity and the arts, and enjoy the converations so much. (I'm not complaining 馃槏馃槏馃槏)
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song joong ki.
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lee min ho u r the best
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