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Chapter 25
Who: BTS x Reader
Genre: School Life, Romance, Fluff, mild angst
Warning: Mild Language
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Disclaimer: The way the different characters are portrayed is not the way I see them in real life. This is a story for enjoyment and entertainment.
You didn’t exactly want to admit how much you enjoyed arcades but being there with Taehyung made you enjoy it more. Anytime you beat Taehyung on a game he insisted on playing over and over again until he beat you. At one point he was trying to sabotage you by messing with your console. The two of you laughed until your bodies hurt and played for hours. Your phone suddenly started ringing and you noticed the time. “Crap! It’s a lot later than I thought it was,” you suddenly said. “Oh yeah? What time is it,”Taehyung asked as he pulled his phone out. You answered your phone and talked with your mother saying you would be home soon.
“Sorry, I think it’s time I headed home. It’s late.”
“Yeah, I didn’t realize it was already getting close to 9. I’ll walk you home.”
On your way home you and Taehyung talked a little bit for the most part there was little conversation. “Oh yeah, I’m suppose to tell Jimin we are done for the day,” you said suddenly pulling your phone out to text him. “Why do you need to tell Jimin that,” Taehyung asked as his face went from smiling to a mix of confusion and jealousy.
“Oh he asked me to let him know so he could tell your mom or something.”
Taehyung narrowed his eyes and became more confused. “My parents aren’t home this weekend.”
You finished your message and put your phone back into your pocket. With a shrug you said, “Well no matter, as a friend I’ll do the simple task he asked.” Taehyung suddenly stopped walking and roughly grabbed your arm forcing you to stop as well. “Do you like him,” Taehyung asked a little aggressively.
“No, he’s just a friend. What makes you think I like him?” Taehyung didn’t answer. He stared at you as if he was trying to decipher a foreign code. You looked at him knowing he didn’t believe you so now was as good as any to tell him how you felt about him.
Luckily being on a quiet neighborhood street made it easier for you because you weren’t afraid strangers would see or be listening. You took his hand off your arm gently and stood as close to him as you could get. He was so much taller than you had expected. Your face landed at about the center of his chest so you decided to rest your head there. You could feel his heart racing and it only made yours beat faster. You smiled to yourself and felt a sudden burst of confidence.
You slid your hand to his cheek and placed just behind his head. You gently pulled his head down to yours as you stood on your tiptoes to help close the gap. Your eyes went to his lips first, then slowly up to his eyes. Taehyung was staring down at you, his lips parted slightly. Closing your eyes, your lips met his.
Your heart racing faster than ever, you couldn’t believe you were doing what you were doing. You pulled away from him and stood flat on the ground looking up at him, the feeling of his lips lingering. His eyes slowly opening to look down at you. “I like you Kim Taehyung,” was all you could say before he pulled you in close, squeezing you into him. His arms enveloping you completely. Taehyung had bent so far down you were able to place your head just along his collarbone. You nuzzled him slightly as Taehyung's chuckle tickled your ear.
He pulled back slightly, kissing you again. His kiss was much better than the one you had given him. Taehyung had one of his hands caressing the back of your head, the other on your back trying to pull you closer to him. You had your hands on his chest again feeling his heart race, making you feel alive.
Taehyung POV
He pulled away slowly from the kiss and looked at [Y/N]. He watched as her eyes fluttered open slowly. [Y/N]’s face turned a bright shade of red and she quickly hid her face with her hands and rest against his chest. Taehyung started laughing and wrapped his arms around her once more. “You’re cute,” Taehyung said resting his cheek on top of [Y/N]’s head. She let out a small embarrassed sounding squeal. Taehyung relished in the feeling of [Y/N] in his arms.
The moment was interrupted by [Y/N]’s phone ringing and she quickly pushed back out of his arms searching for her phone. “Crap I’m so late getting home. Oh my gosh! Okay, I need to go. I’m close enough you don’t have to walk me all the way,” [Y/N] said frantically. She gave a quick bow and started to run off but Taehyung stopped her. He reached for her hand and held it tightly. He pulled her back into him and kissed her lightly one last time. This time when he pulled away, instead of hiding her face she looked up and smiled at him. Her eyes are what made his heart race. The way she looked directly at him and said, “I really do like you Kim Taehyung.” Taehyung didn’t want to let her go but [Y/N] relieved herself from his grasp. She started running off toward her home as Taehyung watched the distance grow between them. [Y/N] suddenly turned around, cupped her mouth and yelled, “I had so much fun today! Thank you!” Taehyung stood in the same spot, a smile spread widely, and watched [Y/N] turned the corner until she was no longer in his vision. His smile growing larger across his face and a quick thought, ‘Shit.’
Taehyung found a park nearby and sat down on one of the swings. It was nearly night time and the park was mostly empty except for a couple of kids and their parents gathering to leave. He pushed his feet against the ground making the swing move slightly. He replayed the scene between him and [Y/N] over and over again. The feel of her lips on his, her small frame wrapped in his arms, the way her eyes stared back at him.
Everything made his heart race. ‘She’s just a girl Taehyung,’ he thought, ‘But I’ve never felt like this over a girl.’ Taehyung sat on the swing and watched as the colors of the sunset faded. The lights in the park flickered on and it seemed like a good time to go home. Taehyung wasn’t sure why he had sat there for so long but he needed to go home. “Taehyung?” Taehyung turned around to see Nana standing behind him.
Nana POV
“Mom I’m going out to the store do you need anything,” Nana yelled from the entry door as she put on her shoes. “Nana do not go out at this hour,” her mom demanded back. Nana rolled her eyes and left anyway.
Walking to the store wasn’t a long walk so Nana wasn’t worried. The neighborhood she lived in was that of upper class and was relatively safe. As Nana was walking she decided to extend her walk a little longer and walk near the park. She watched as a man stood up from the swings and recognized him. “Taehyung,” she called. The man turned around and seeing his face confirmed her thoughts. She noticed his face was a light shade of pink and his mannerisms seemed off. ‘Something happened between them,’ Nana thought as she could feel her blood boil.
Nana watched as he awkwardly approached her and didn’t look at her as he spoke. “Oh hey, what’s up Nana? You live around here,” Taehyung asked. ‘What did she do to him? This isn’t fair,’ Nana thought.
“Yeah I live really close by. What are you doing over here?”
“Oh umm... I took [Y/N] home and then I found this park and sat down for a bit.”
Nana took the opportunity of Taehyung not looking at her to get closer to him. She pressed her body against his and put the back of her hand to his forehead. “Are you okay? You’re face is pink. Do you feel sick,” Nana asked. Nana watched as Taehyung swallowed and how he suddenly grew nervous. “I-I’m fine Nana,” Taehyung said. Nana hadn’t seen Taehyung on the defense before so she wanted to take full advantage.
Whatever [Y/N] did to him, it made it easier for her to take him over. ‘Thanks [Y/N],’ Nana thought.
“No you aren’t fine.” Nana grabbed Taehyung hand and started pulling him with her.
“Come with me I’ll take care of you.”
“Really I promise, I’m okay.”
“Well I don’t believe it. Just come with me so I can make sure.”
Nana lead the way and Taehyung never let go of her hand. She heard him take a deep breath and clear his throat. The whole time they walked Nana smiled to herself as if she won something. When they arrived back at Nana’s house she pulled Taehyung into it. “Wait, is this your house Nana,” Taehyung asked. “Yup, now take off your shoes and come with me,” Nana said while taking her shoes off and waiting for Taehyung.
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