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if you could have one super power, and one support power what would they be? examples super speed. supported by extreme regeneration so you could break the speed of light super strength, supported by invonrability so when you hit something you wont die. be creative the sky is the limit..... p.s. this is my first card i have been lurking in the shadows for over a year.
the ability to travel to any where including time and forms of media with the ability to control it so I can go where I want to go and can go home any time
I would have Rinnegan/Sharingan, ice, super speed, regeneration, lightning, to be fluent in every language, and be able to speak to animals
and then the ability to be fluent in all languages with the ability to control which language to hear and understand at any moment
To infatuate anyone I wanted
If there is no limit then I would have... Jutsu (everything from sharingan to shadow clones to mitonic regeneration) Alchemy (from FMA and FMAB) Magic (everything from celestial magic to death magic from FT to spacial magic from Blood Lad) Spirit Energy (everything from kido to zanpakutos to santenkeshun) Time Travel Dimensional Travel Telepathy (everything from communication to mind control) Kagune Super Strength (like Saitama) Etc. ... Did I go overboard?
yeah, I'm sure how any of that supports each other.
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