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Chapter 26
Who: BTS x Reader
Genre: School Life, Romance, Fluff, mild angst
Warning: Mild Language
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Disclaimer: The way the different characters are portrayed is not the way I see them in real life. This is a story for enjoyment and entertainment.
Taehyung POV
Taehyung removed his shoes and stood in the doorway. “Come on, don’t just stand there,” Nana said as she grabbed his hand pulling him into the house. Nana dragged Taehyung upstairs and into her bedroom. She made him sit on her bed then she left the room. As he sat there Taehyung looked around the room and noticed it was plain. Taehyung noticed a small plushie wedged between the wall and Nana’s bed. Taehyung leaned back and removed it from the crack. It was a small raccoon plushie that was incredibly soft but also looked old. Taehyung smiled as he held the small toy in his hands.
Nana came back into the room with a few things in her hands talking loudly as she entered. “Tae I got some stuff for you since you seem sick.” Nana noticed the toy in Taehyungs hands and dropped everything she was holding and rushed over to Taehyung. She reach for the racoon but Taehyung pulled it back out of Nana’s reach giving her a look. “Tae please give me that toy,” Nana begged. “Or what,” Taehyung asked, a smirk breaching his lips. Nana reached for the toy again and Taehyung moved it further back behind him. He noticed Nana have her own smirk as she reached further, bringing herself to be nearly straddling him.
Taehyung suddenly dropped the plushie, grabbed Nana and threw her on her back on the bed. Positioning himself on top of her propping himself on his elbows and knees, he moved his face close to hers. He smirked as he noticed her off guard expression. “I know why you brought me in here Nana,” Taehyung said, his voice deep and gravely. Nana’s breath was heavier than normal, he could tell she was nervous. “Oh do you now,” she said as she was making her move to get up. Taehyung used his hands to pin her arms down and stared into Nana’s eyes.
Nana POV
“Tae, what do you think you are doing,” Nana asked as she felt her self pinned. This wasn’t exactly the outcome she was aiming for. She felt off guard and nervous at the sudden change in his behavior. She looked up at Taehyung’s face and noticed his eyes were dark causing shivers to go up her spine. “This is what you wanted wasn’t it Nana,” Taehyung playfully asked while his smirk grew across his face. Nana looked away from him and toward the wall.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
Nana could feel Taehyung move closer to her. His mouth right next to her ear. His whisper making her heart race, “Yes you do...” All Nana could do was swallow. “Isn’t this just a game to you Nana?”
“Of-Of course it is.”
“Alright. I’ll play your game. But just know one thing.”
Even though Taehyung was already close to her, she could feel him come closer. What Taehyung said next was whispered so quietly into Nana’s ear yet she heard it so clearly.
“Just know I never lose...Jinah.”
Nana’s breath caught in her chest when she heard her real name leave his lips. Her face blushed instantly causing a dark chuckle to sound from Taehyung. She could feel Taehyung get off of her but she didn’t move. Nana kept her eyes on the wall and listened as Taehyung opened the door then leave closing it behind him.
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WHAT IS GOING ON!!!!😤😰😵😤 HOW DOES TAE KNOW HER?!!!😦😨😦 I knew something was up, the reason Nana Banana (😂Lol. I'm so funny.😂) kept messing with Tae and Y/n. 😮😮Although I am soooo happy nothing happened.🙆🙌🙆 I am now nervous.😧😧😧 I hope nothing happens to my couple. ***😈😈IF YOU HURT MY COUPLE, I WILL FIND YOU AND FLIP ALL OF YOUR TABLES.😈😈*** ***😭😭😭goes to cry in a corner, because I already know things are going to get messy😭😭😭***
Ahhhh. It's getting really interesting.
😂😂 evil... She should get with Jin * Leave everyone guessing how it happened*
You are evil aren't you? So nervous and confused and anxious. Did he just call her on her games, or threaten her, or... or... I don't know! I need more!
Ahhh I hope nothing happens to Tae and Y/n!!! I love the whole thing they have going on right now!!!