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Hope you enjoy Part 9 of NamJin! If you would want more parts of the series show me your love for it ^•^ I would really appreciate it! Make sure to check out the official fanfic schedule below it will tell you when fanfics are released!
Jin was practicing the choreography for 'Fire' again before they went on for a concert. Namjoon smiled as he watched Jin stumble a little. "You're getting better," Namjoon said as he smiled at Jin. "You're just saying that Namjoon," Jin said as he looked at his feet movement. Namjoon hugged him, "you always stress Jin just relax our fans are kind." Jin smiled as he kissed Namjoon's cheek. "Thank you Nam for calming me," Jin said as he walked off to join the other members that were in a circle hyping up. Namjoon smiled, "I know we will do well." Later that night, the members stopped to get some food. All the guys were so proud of each other. Namjoon hugged them all, "we never fail to impress do we?" All the members laughed and smiled at each other.
It was a cool breezy morning in Seoul, Namjoon was awake early. Namjoon showered and went for a walk. He took a deep breath as he let all his stress out. Namjoon was hardly ever stressed for long, just tired. The cool breeze past and it somewhat relaxed Namjoon as it past across his face. Namjoon looked around as he felt a peace. Jin had barely woken up, he noticed Namjoon wasn't in bed. Jin smiled as he knew where Namjoon went. Yoongi was already awake with Jimin, they were talking about how they could dance better than each other. Jin laughed to himself and got up from bed. Namjoon was walking back home, feeling the breeze hit him one last time. Namjoon smiled and went back to the dorm. Jin was waiting for him along with the other members with their stomachs rumbling. It was early mormig and they already all wanted breakfast, Namjoon laughed as he heard them all whining. Namjoon opened the entrance door to the dorm, "calm down you little cry babies." They all sighed in relief.
While they were all eating, Jin kept glancing at Namjoon with this odd look. Namjoon smiled at Jin and whispered to him, "are you trying to tell me something?" Jin chuckled a little, "yeah I was wondering if you were gonna eat that piece of meat." Namjoon and Jin both laughed. That same morning, they were all at home relaxing. Jin was in the room napping for a bit. Jungkook and Taehyung were listening to music that they both enjoyed. They were being dorks and singing along to the songs. Jimin was taking pictures of himself again. Hoseok and Yoongi were discussing about Yoongi's mix tape. Namjoon was in the room laying by Jin. Namjoon turned over to look at Jin, "I wonder what he dreams of." Namjoon smiled, "he has a cute smile on his face right now, so it's not a nightmare." Namjoon laughed and kissed Jin's lips. Jin ended up waking up and hitting Namjoon's chest gently. Namjoon laughed, "ow sorry for waking you sleeping beauty." Jin laughed still sounding sleepy. Namjoon smiled, "go back to sleep." Jin had a little smirk, "you just woke me up." They both laughed and giggled. Namjoon hugged Jin as they both looked out the window. The voices of the other members could be heard. Jin smiled, "Namjoon I'm really happy." Namjoon kissed Jin, "I am too Jin, I really am."

Hope you enjoyed Part 9 of NamJin! If you would want more parts of the series show me your love for it ^•^ I would really appreciate it!

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