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This is just a short filler chapter to answer a few questions I am sure you all had... Or to make new questions ^_^...
1 month ago June Pov “ Has anyone seen Jinhwan?” I asked walking back into the room after searching the two rooms next door starting to panic. “ He said something about going to get snacks about an hour ago or something like that.” Yunhyeong shrugged as if to wave me off as if I hasn't said anything. With a frustrated sigh I took off once again as worry started to eat away at my mind Jinhwan had never done anything like this before. After what felt like years I finally found him hiding from sight on the roof trying to muffle his cries. Slowly making my way towards him trying desperately not to startle him, but all plans went out the window once I tripped over a stupid rock. I mean who the hell puts rocks on a roof anyway I scoffed before looking towards a very frightened Jinhwan. “ June is that you?” His hoarse voice pleaded through the silent night as everything else flew out of mind as I rush towards his side pulling him tightly into my arms just as tears erupted from his beautiful eyes. “ I really messed up June it is all my fault!!” I cried as his small hands clung onto me for dear life as if I was the only thing keeping his alive. “ It will be okay love.” I awkwardly tried to comfort him only managing to look like a complete fool. “ You my love are cute, but no it won't be okay there is nothing I can do to ever make up for what I have done.” He chuckled slightly before turning his eyes towards the star lit sky as pain formed behind his eyes. “ I made a terrible mistake and gave away a very important secret that wasn't mine to give.” He sighed furiously wiping at the tears forming once again behind his eyes. “ Hyung we can get through this together no matter what it is I won't ask you to tell me until you are ready, but just know I love you.” I cooed wrapping my arms around his back as he laid his head onto my chest with a sigh. “ How did I ever get lucky enough to get someone like you. I couldn't make it if it wasn't for you June.” He purred slightly calming down from the distraught state I had found him in as he found solace within my embrace. Without saying another word we stood their taking in the stunning view of the stars dancing against the darkness finding comfort in each other. When tomorrow came we would face our problems, but we would face them as one. Jinhwan Pov It has been weeks, and I still can't look Bobby in the eyes nor say a word to anyone without almost breaking down. “ Hey June why isn't Jinhwan talking to anyone other than you.” I heard Donghyuk scoff as June grumbled tired of hearing the same question all the time. “ You know maybe he just is tired of talking to everyone else.” I hear him pretend to gloat before walking away as foot steps grew closer. “ Hey babe can I come in?” I heard him softly whisper before I ran to open the door. Once the door was safely closed my body instantly was inside his comforting arms. It was the only place I felt safe anymore after everything that had happened. “ You know you have to face them one day love?” June smiled towards trying to hide his worry making a small smile spread across my face. “ I can't yet every time I see Bobby the guilt comes rushing back.” I sighed burying my face into his chest seeking the solace he brought me. “ I didn't say it had to be anytime soon my love just one day, but Hyung I just found out Y/n comes back in less than a week.” He breathed afraid that I might break as his words hit their mark. “ Oh god what have a I done.” I cried clawing my hands deep into his shirt as if the world would fall away without his touch. “ Hey it wasn't your fault baby he tricked you.” I heard him coo gently rubbing circles down my back. “ Remember we are in this together my love no matter what.” He smiled pulling me tighter into his chest trying to calm down one of my now frequent out burst. “ I would fall apart without you Koo Junhwe. I love you.” I mumbled in between sobs as he started softly singing his favorite song. “ Of course it would be a song by Youngbae Hyung.” I scoffed earning a small smile from his wonderful lips. “ Jealous are we?” He smirked as his hand snaked it way underneath my chin forcing our eyes to meet. “ No.. Yes.. shut up.” I gushed trying to wipe the tears from my eyes as he quickly bent down connecting our lips. “ I love you Hyung you are too adorable.” He laughed as soon as my face flushed while pushing him away only to pull him back in my arms once again. “ Thank you for never giving up on me.” I squeaked hiding my now flushed face as I felt his lips press against my forehead. “ I am never going anywhere my love.” He promised before leading us towards them bed after I yawned loudly. “ Goodnight my love.” He purred pulling me as close as possible as we both drifted off to sleep.
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