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OK, so...I've had a couple people ask me to make another BDSM card after the BDSM trilogy I wrote back in February about Enthusiasts, Closets and Experimentalists [check my KPOP folder for those cards]. This is a card directed toward one specific group and if all goes well with this card and screenshot game, I will make another with a group that is most voted for [no groups with members under the age of 20 please].
I am going to make this card as clean and as non-offensive as possible. My fetishes may not meet your fetishes. Heck, you may be vanilla for all I know, or you have no idea yet! Be prepared for what you're about to see:


Jin: he makes you wear a collar so people know he owns you, you be long to him. He has a Disney Princess fetish and asks you to dress up for him to fulfill fantasies while he hand cuffs and blindfolds and ball gags you. No need to worry, Jin is a kind master and always takes good care of his Princess.
J-Hope: taking orders from his mistress give him great pleasure. He loves your heels, wearing his dog mask and being chained up and asked to complete tasks. This is a man who will bend to your every will to make you happy.
V: He loves your cat suit and boots, loves ice play and your crop whip. He religiously wears the bracelet you gave him to proudly show he belongs to a wonderful loving dominatrix. He couldn't be happier.
NamJoon: This Dom loves the art of Japanese suspension knots and role playing; make you the damsel in distress. He asks you to wear a collar that only HE can unlock and remove, should you remove it without permission he will require you to endure punishment. Don't worry though, the punishment is never severe, this dom cares too much for his precious kitten.
Yoongi: This man is up for anything! While he prefers to dominate you he also love being dominated by you while you where his tie and button down dress shirt. He loves food play, wax play and role play. When all is said and done, he really just enjoys a good ole vanilla role in the hay. He will also never force you to wear anything saying your are "owned" or "claimed", but would be very flattered if you chose to do so.
Jimin: This Dom loves to play, play and play some more: he's all about the role playing and tying up. Again, don't be afraid to experiment with this gentle Dom, he'll listen to everything you say and make sure you're satisfied.
JungKook: his favourite place is the stairs, he loves dressing up for you and giving you all the pleasure you desire. He's quiet and never asks for much. All he truly wants it so embrace you and be your one and only love.
And now, I bring you the screenshot game! GOOD LUCK! Please tag me with your results!






So there you have it! The BTS BDSM game! Please let me know your thoughts and let me know which group I should make a BDSM card about net! Remember: ALL MEMEBERS OF THE GROUP MUST BE AT LEAST 20 YEARS OLD! [cause otherwise, that's just nasty...]
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Oh no....Jimin is dressed as a Flintstone...
same here.... hahahah
@DenieceSuit I was thinking Big Bang or VIXX. thanks!
@Princess2425 you can follow those pages via my KPOP file. My last update is called 10 Bottles of Soju on the Wall. I will also post a link to my main blog soon.
@Princess2425 I will add you to my massive tag list! I won't be making another one of these until I get to Seoul. this big move is taking a lot of energy and time.
Awesome thanks! Ah I didn't realize you where moving to Seoul. I hope the move goes well! ☺️
Love this! Could you tag me in future cards like this? Also the next group I would vote for Vixx. 😏
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