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okay i know i don’t have much of a voice anywhere but this is complete bullshit. like don’t come up to my face and tell me Ryeowook can’t sing. bitch hes been in this shit longer than you think. he knows how to sing and i don’t know a shit about music but i can tell both d.o and ryeowook are great singers with different vocal abilities. And you don’t just go up to a person while their singing and say “I hate your singing” or “You cant sing” -.- i feel really bad for Exo, having such immature fans. i know there are fans like that in every fandom but dude, lets admit it, even they have their limits. We know you love them, don’t hurt them because of that love. think about them and how they felt. don’t go around making hasty decisions and actually think for once because god damnit we all know your minds go crazy when you see exo. sure im sj biased but i’d really like it if exotics could tone it down a bit. Honestly i could give a fuck less about the exotic fandom, since im not fully part of it. but things get fucking ugly when they mess with SJ and others around them. like okay it was funny the first time. it was okay-ish acceptable but if you keep making the same irresponsible and not fully thought out choices you really don’t know who you’re hurting. not just your fandom, not just your bias, not just you, not just the person you insulted but everyone around you. you just don’t see people comparing Ryeowook’s singing abilities to Kyuhyun or any other member because Ryeowook has his own voice. and so does D.O. please respect that and don’t hurt anyone by saying “You can’t sing” sheesh imagine working your dream job and having people come up to you saying “You can’t do this, you suck” one thing: Exotics who did what they did, how do you think Exo felt when they heard their beloved fans hurt their beloved seniors? and how do you think Ryeowook felt? People really need to learn to think about others. like every single fucking time i rant i always say “How do you think they felt” Shit didn’t get real, its been real. Some fan girls need to learn about things called boundaries, don’t know what it is, go search it up. Don’t cross that line. just don’t. think about what you did. I’d really like it if ELF’s could call you their Dongsaeng proudly because exotics are a might go through similar things as ELF’s and at times like those, we need to be there for one another. please calm yourself down, i wanna be on good terms with exotics but not through force. if our oppa’s are friends then we should be friends too^^
so do I. I believe their record company picked them all because how different they are in range of vocal styles/pitches. I love them all! :)
yeah that's's really messed up and I feel bad for him because now he will be thinking that he's just a shadow of the other members, I think he sings really good.
lol sometimes people react emotionally and Im sure thats what happened here. some fans take things too personal and all kpop bands are people just like us. fans forget that cause they idolize them
they are just jealous and inconsiderate...
@aneezaful i know right! I love ryeowooks voice! its very sweet voice and people should respect were all different. I wish fans from all groups would be respectful towards each other.
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