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5 Anime That Are Pretty Freaky
There are a lot of creepy anime shows out there, right? There's very few that I would call genuinely terrifying, but there are some that give me the heebie jeebies and make me feel all freaked out while watching them XD

Here's five of them!

1. Higurashi

(When They Cry or Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni)
I don' t know if "scary" is the right word, but the beginning of Higurashi is definitely unsettling and a bit unnerving to watch. It's tense, thrilling, and I'm going to say nothing more because if you haven't watched this show, it's only really going to be this much of an experience if you have no spoilers :P

2. Another

Another is...another show that I wouldn't call terrifying, but genuinely freaky particularly during the first half. There's blood, terrifying deaths, murders, etc etc. All the makings of a horror film if you ask me!

3. Corpse Party

While it may only be 4 episodes long, they are four creeeeeepy episodes. Think slasher film, dismemberment, friends getting torn apart....screaming....yep. Scary stuff!!!

4. Tokyo Ghoul

I knew some of you would be disappointed if I didn't include this one on my list :P This show mixes terror, mystery and tragedy all into one. I think most of us have seen it but it's definitely worth checking out if you haven't!

5. Ghost Hunt

This show is about a girl who starts helping a Psychic Research Organization and ends up meeting many scary ghosts. This show is basically a series of short arcs, so you if you like that kind of supernatural show, check this one out!

Which anime have freaked you out?

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school days
a year agoReply
I've watched all of these馃槵
a year agoReply
Tokyo Ghoul Is terrifying? Nice joke.
a year agoReply
Tokyo ghoul is the shit like I love all the gore and shit
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