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You were walking in the park and noticed Namjoon. You two had known each other ever since you saw him taking pictures of scenary. You walk to him and tap him on the shoulder hoping he'd recognize you. "Hey don't you think these angle is a bit better," you said as you adjusted his hand angle. He smiled and took the picture of the butterfly, "hey you were righ-" He stopped as he looked up and saw you. He blushed and smiled at the same time. "(Y/N)! How? I thought we'd never see each other again," Namjoon said as he pushed his hair back. You were too distracted by his looks to hear him. Namjoon laughed, "earth to (Y/N) you there?" You snapped out of it as he put his hand on your cheek. You blushed and you felt your cheeks getting hot. You gasped and turned away. Namjoon smiled at you and he had taken your phone. You noticed he was putting his number in your contacts. "Call me anytime we can hang out," he said as he winked at you and walked off. You were speechless, and practically embarrassed out of your mind.
Once you got home that afternoon, you kept looking at Namjoon's contact and laughed a bit. You looked up, "did he really mean that I could call him whenever?" You laughed again, "well it's better to try than sit here like a dummy." You pressed the call button, it dialed his number. Suddenly someone answered. Namjoon spoke in a raspy sleepy voice, "oh hey you called me I'm happy about that." You blushed, you tried speaking. No words came out of your mouth. You gathered your thoughts and tried containing yourself. "Hey Namjoon we should hang out tomorrow at three o'clock in afternoon." You heard Namjoon laugh a bit, "I'd love to." You hung up and screamed loud. You stopped as you felt embarrassed again. You stood up and went to your closet, "great the date is set, but I have nothing to wear!" You get frustrated as you stare at your dull clothing. You look at all your clothes and try on every outfit you have. You just decided to wear jeans and a big shirt, with some converse. You were a bit nervous as you didn't know if Namjoon would be impressed by you or not. You smiled and sighed in relief as you got a text from Namjoon, "wear anything don't stress about it." You giggled and smiled as you headed off to bed.
The day of the date, seemed so stressful. It seemed like a wedding day, without the wedding. You panicked that you had overslept. It was already 2 pm. You got up and rushed to the bathroom to shower and get your hair ready. You put on your outfit of choice and looked at yourself in the mirror, while smiling. You looked amazing, in your opinion. You rushed out the door. Namjoon was already waiting for you outside. You blushed as you practically ran into his arms. He hugged you, "well someone's excited to see me." He smiled as he looked at you from head to toe, "(Y/N) you're so stunning." You blushed even more. Speechless again, such a embarrassing time to go silent. You hesitated, but then said, "well you look stunning too Namjoon." Namjoon laughed as he grabbed your hand, "before we go.." You looked at Namjoon a little worried. Namjoon looked at you and pulled you closer, "I love you (Y/N) I really do love you." You blushed even more feeling Namjoon's arm around your waist. Namjoon was blushing a bit too, "I love you, I want you, and I care for you (Y/N)!" You smiled. "I feel the same way about you Namjoon," you said as you kissed Namjoon. He smirked a bit, "oh really?" You laughed, "yes it's true I was too shy to tell you." Namjoon smiled and kissed you once more. You two headed off onto your first date as a couple.

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