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Because I live in San Diego, I've definitely had more than one friend serve burritos from a local taco shop at their wedding.

Would you ever divert from the traditional menu for your wedding? What would YOU serve?

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I think I would serve an Italian or Asian cuisine
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Why not both?!
a year ago
I would serve a mix of Italian and Mexican cuisine.
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Yeah, I enjoy both of them. I can't choose a favorite between them.
a year ago
Buffalo chicken wings, pizza, burgers, orange soda, roscato (wine), Reese's ice cream, and a bunch of fruit (maybe a fruit mountain). 馃嵈lets eat!!
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This is for sure a wedding I would go to. Orange soda and buffalo chicken wings are my shit.
a year ago
poutine with a toppings bar... mmm bacon bits
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Tacos, samosas, burritos, birria, chicken Tikka masala
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