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What would it be like to go on a date with Hyuk? Well I'm not positive, but here's what I think! Sit back and let your imagination and I take you for a ride.
First things first, I think he'd put a lot of thought into wanting to look nice for you on your date. Even if it was the 47th date he'd want to still look top notch.
Because you understand his life as an Idol, you can't always expect him to come pick you up. So you have a special café you always meet at, and a special table he always sits and waits for you. He's always there first, because he'd never want you to be waiting alone.
The two of you would sit at the table for a time and greet each other and get an idea on how the date is going to go. Plans always change, and dates can't always be status quo when you're with an Idol, so flexibility is a must.
He tells you Leo worked things out with one of his friends, and he is able to use the kitchen studio from one of the cooking programs. He already set it up and wants to take you there and cook you dinner.
You eat and are surprised that his cooking was so delicious. of course he's completely thrilled and the two of you giggle and give each other sweet looks as you help him clean up before you leave the place.
He has one more place in mind to go to before you say your farewells. He calls a taxi and the two of you head to Han river right by the Banpo Bridge to watch the lights and fountains. You and he walk along the edge and he reaches for your hand, and an old love song plays over the loud speakers while you stand there, hand in hand, taking in the pretty sight.
While you're enjoying the river breeze and the wonderful mood, He gets a call on his cell while you're drinking a coffee he got for you from a nearby vendor. Bad news. His manager reminds him of his schedule and tells him he needs to be home right away. Of course you understand, but are still sad to cut things short. He walks you up to the parking area. He had his manager drive to where you were and he called another taxi as well, so he knew you'd go straight home. Before he gets in his van, he pulls you to the side and gives you a kiss on the forehead. You hug him and tell him good night as he gets in his van and you get in your taxi and go seperate ways.

SO.... Is that a believable date, or one you'd enjoy? Let me know in the comments! ^///^

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@MandyNoona You're doing all of them!? OMG! I'M GOING TO DIE!
Ok, this was so cute. Hyuk is already such a problem for me and this just... caused more problems. It was very believable. Thank you for doing these for us.
hehehe glad you liked it ^^ and you're very welcome, it's my pleasure!
@MandyNoona - 🙏 Thank You!!!! 😸😸😸😸
@Princess2425 @sweetwhitetiger OK I've decided all do Hongbin and Leo too! Probably the rest of them also! you'll definitely be tagged ^^
Loved this!
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