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Henry - Trap (ft. Taemin)

Remember when Henry was promoted as a single artist and invited Shinee's Taemin to be his featuring artist? There was a special stage where Super Junior's Kyuhyun was invited to sing the bridge part. Awesome performance but horrible stylist. On the shorts:
Taemin - You can show some skin since you're young. KyuHyun - You're oldest and the most delicate, so you can't show any skin. Henry - You're the MVP, so you have to show some skin but let's give you a pair of long socks to balance it out.

Rain - Hip Song

When it comes to manliness, Rain is the man. Just look at how he dances with confidence. I haven't seen a performer like Rain for a while now. BTS is great but when it comes to original, swag and class, give it up to Rain.

F(X) - La Cha Ta

They were rookies at the time and performing their debut track under a mad weather. The rain was pouring heavily but that doesn't stop them from singing excellently with a bright smile.

After School - Because of You

They're one of the few groups that have a graduation system. I haven't kept up with this group after "Because of You" promotion. This was the peak of their career and the best song release out of all of After School's title track.

Wonder Bang - Tell Me + Lies

During the Golden Era of Kpop we got to see two popular groups collaborated from two big labels. Wonder Girls (JYP) and Big Bang (YG) were so great together. It's rare to see performances like in Kpop.

SS501 - Love Like This

It was rare to see all five members together after Kim Hyun Joong got popular through the hit drama Boys Over Flower. The group was normally seen performing without two members and eventually became a three member group. This was one of the rare live performance where all five members were together. Don't they sound great live?

Shinee - Paradise

Talking about Boys Over Flowers, did you know the theme song was sang by Shinee? Considering their style is more of EDM it's nice to see them sing songs like Paradise. You can listen to their raw voices without distraction.

2pm - Again and Again

This will forever be a gem. The group that swoon fans with their charm. The dance that got the whole world mob dancing when Jay Park eliminated from the group. Jay Park is talented solo artist but everything started from 2pm.
Have you guys watched any of these performances?
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I miss the being SS501 Love like this was my first ever song by them
Love all these performances! ❤
"THIS IS HIP SONG ROCK TONIGHT"!!!!! Thank God no one else is in the kitchen to see me dancing and singing along XD Rain is one of my favorite performers, he is just so cool ^^
@MattK95 haha Rain has the ability to wake up our dance nerves.
@cindystran always, I've never body rolled so hard as I do to Love Song XD