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Hey Guys!!

I can't sleep because there is so much on my mind right now, so I decided to make this card of Monsta X spam because they always bring a smile on mbb's face. These pictures were recently uploaded on to the Naver website by Dispatch.
Stop picking on people Kihyun xD hahaha
Shownu pushing Hyungwon in the pool~^^
Kihyun to the rescue! lol

Looks like they are having fun, right?

I'm actually very happy that their taking a break and having fun.

These are just some of my favorite that I found!

BUT If you want to see all the pictures including individual member pictures click here!

Hope you have a good day/night Monbebe!!

I just love seeing them having fun together ❤
Awww I love that they're having fun together, they deserve this break!
Why are they so cute!!
it's so nice to see them having fun. 😊 they are such a breath of fresh air. ?
Couldn't describe it any better @xxchicharitoxx 😁