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Incoming NaLu cosplay photos! Prepare yourself for all the cuteness!

(Cosplay above by amikoRoyAi)
Cosplay by RaphaelArtwork
Cosplay by Satori
Cosplay by Lucy
Cosplay by KurooUuiji
Cosplay by Caroh
Cosplay by amikoRoyAi
Cosplay by amikoRoyAi
Cosplay by onlycyn
Cosplay by LoloHime
Cosplay Source

And that's all!

I tried to only pick cosplay photos that seemed like they'd be pretty accurate to the characters, and because I have a hard time seeing Natsu acting soft romantic (more like "you'r emine" romantic) it was kind of hard XD A lot of people take so many out of character pics!!!

Anyways, hope you enjoyed the NaLu love <3

Some of them don't really work....
Wow my NaLu feels are off the chart this is all to cute I want to cosplay like this I just need a cute guy lol 馃槒馃槼
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XD lets hope we find a cute guy in time for Halloween lol. What if we dress up as Lucy and a random cute guy is dressed as Natsu 馃槷馃槷馃槒馃槒馃槒. We be like "Hey Boy" hahaha
But it's good!
the first one with happy is an animal crossing cat xD made me giggle
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