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Hey everybody! As some of you already new I am creating Merchandise products for a Anime/Manga/Merchandise Shop called Rune ♥ I am happy to introduce you to my second finished project called: Mr. Hentai. Mr. Hentai is the gold duck, the money box of Rune :-). He loves sexy women, money, playing Poker and in nights of full moon he transforms in a sexy hot boy ;-) The images show you the following products • Mr. Hentai Button • Mr. Hentai post card • Mr. Hentai Bag • Mr. Hentai Dakimakura ( a big pillow) • Mr. Hentai poster You can buy those articles here: I am happy to get feeback: do you like my art? Any comments ;-) Thank you for your interest ♥ Kind regards Schattenranke ♥