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When you download (or buy on cd) an EXO album or song and you can choose which language, which do you typically get? A) the Korean version only B) the Mandarin version only C) both Does this differ depending on whether you are downloading or buying a physical album, or if you are buying one song vs a whole album? I know that they have been putting both together on recent albums so I'm only talking about when you can choose.
honestly only Korean. I usually download the while album, but when I was in Korea I bought the album, but I don't ever use the CDs I just like the pictures.
Using EX'ACT for an example, I bought the Korean Album and downloaded both on my phone. ( I love Apple Music) lol
Well for the older stuff I got both because i like M more but now I get the Korean version and I also buy those on cd.
I get the Korean version....and I buy the actual CDs.
I get both but I mainly listed to the Mandarin version the most