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The members of EXO were guests on the August 13 airing of the radio show. Ryeowook is currently the DJ of the show and he sang a duet with EXO's D.O. The song they sang was none other than Fly to the Sky's famous "Missing You", and both boys covered the song beautifully. Their voices complemented each other's perfectly. However, apparently, some listeners didn't think so. Ryeowook's phone for the show started to get bombarded with live texts which demanded that Ryeowook stop singing. Some stated that D.O was infinitely better than he was, and that D.O shouldn't sing with Ryeowook again. Ryeowook took to his Twitter to respond where he tweeted, "It was a really shocking 2 hours. It's true that when a sunbae and a hoobae sing together, it's burdensome for both. I know he's very well loved, and I hope he gets acknowledged as a singer more than anyone else ^^ It's a road even I'm worried about, even though I've debuted 8 years ago. Looking forward to tomorrow and stopping my rant, ke. I did good (thumbs up)". After reading Ryeowook's tweet, both E.L.F and EXO fans were saddened on what happened on the radio program. EXO fans commented, "D.O and Ryeowook are really good friends. Please don't make their relationship uncomfortable", "Both D.O and Ryeowook have beautiful voices.. Don't pay attention to the small few who don't think so", and "Most EXO fans are not like this. Please cheer up".