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So Tokyo Ghoul was the most popular vote! \^u^/ but dont worry I will be doing the other animes as well but in order of how popular they were voted x3

So this is another Screenshot Game that both Guys and Girls can enjoy! Once you finish post your results or comment below! (And dont forget to tag me xD)

Your Girlfriend! (If you are a girl then this is your BFF!)

Your Boyfriend! (If you are a boy then this is your Best Friend!)

What Race You Are?!...



Or Both! (One Eyed Ghoul!)

The Group/Clan you are in!

*The Groups*

-The White Coats -Aogiri Tree -Anti-Aogiri -Anteiku -The Investigators/Ghoul Eliminators

*BONUS* For those who got Ghoul!

Whatever you Screenshot that will be your Kagune (AKA Ghoul Powers!)

I hope you guys enjoy the game and dont forget to tag me in your results card!

Tagging! (If you would like to be removed let me know & If you would like to be added Ask as well!)

Yay! \^_^/ I'll make my card
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\^u^/ Yay I can't wait to see it!
a year ago
Thanks for adding me in this even if I have been gone for a while I'll have a lot to do but thanks
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can i has tag pwease? 😯
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a year ago
can I be tagged?
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@AimeBolanos thank you!!
10 months ago