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Chapter 5

The Suitors Kurim arrived and was surprised to see Jungkook already there, "Good morning!" She said cheerfully. "Good morning" Mrs Lee and Jungkook replied. Last night, she had promised to herself that she would put on her best face and don't let minor things bother her. Easier said than done, she thought. Seeing Jungkook put her in a state of nervousness she didn't thought it was possible. How can someone make me feel happy and angry at the same time? I just need to keep busy and not pay attention to him. Let's just get through this Kurim, you can do it! "Why are you so happy this morning?" Mrs Lee asked. "I don't know what you mean Mrs Lee." she smiled mischievously. "Oh, that's right! Today, your suitors come visit you aren't they? They have never missed a Sunday" Mrs Lee realized. "Suitors? What suitors?" Thought Jungkook. "The guys come today?"Kurim remembered. "Oh, I completely forgot about the guys, Mrs Lee. If they keep this up, I swear they'll be a hundred pounds heavier by the end of the year," she said laughing . "Kurim is very popular with the guys. I swear ever since she started working here my sales have doubled" Mrs Lee told Jungkook. "We have this group of friends, that ever since they discovered she works here, they come to get ice cream every Sunday. They have never missed a day" "Really?" Jungkook said looking at Kurim's beaming face. Just who are this guys? I bet they're just a bunch of ahjussies being all pervert. Jungkook thought displeased. "Yes. I even gave them a discount for being loyal customers," Mrs Lee replied. I don't like this. One suitor, I can take but suitors? Please, God, just let them be old and ugly, Jungkook thought forcing a smile. They all went back to their errands to get ready to open the shop. Mrs Lee noticed that Kurim and Jungkook were perfectly in sync. They didn't say much to each other but they didn't seem to have a problem communicating. "Well, looks like we have a winner" Mrs Lee whispered, but she wasn't referring to Jungkook being a good worker.
Time went by fast, as it usually occurred when customers don't stop coming in. Jungkook looked up at the clock to see it was almost two. He turned his head to the sound of the bell of more customers coming in. This was a group of young men. They seemed to be in their early twenties. They looked more like they were part of a boyband rather than college students. "Welcome to Mrs Lee's Ice Cream, how can help you today?" Jungkook asked. They looked rather shocked as they kept staring at each other. At that moment Kurim stood up from behind the counter, where she was cleaning. "Well, what brings you here today?" Kurim said with a very familiar voice. "There you are!" They said with a sigh of relief. "We thought you weren't working here anymore" said the guy with a dimple. "You almost gave me a heart attack," said the guy with the baby face but the body of what looked like a body builder. "Nice to see you guys today. You know I would never leave without saying goodbye to my favorite customers. How are you doing today?" Kurim asked happier than usual. Jungkook didn't know what to say except to look at the exchange of words and laughter going back and forth. Are these the guys Mrs Lee was taking about? He didn't like this. He didn't like this at all. "Who is that?" Asked the guy with sleepy eyes and a raised eyebrow. Jungkook could see that this guy was eyeing him up and down and was obviously not happy of seeing him there. Forcing a smile on his face, he replied, "Annyonghaseyo, I'm Kim Jong Kook, I just started working here." "Yes. He's the new employee Mrs Lee hired" Kurim said to get the guy's attention. "Kim Jong Kook, these are the loyal customers we told you about this morning," she said, but the guys didn't seemed to be listening. Why are they staring at each other? What's wrong with these two? she thought. "These are Kim Seok Jin, Kim Nam Joon, Park Ji Min, Jung Ho Seok, Kim Tae Hyung, and...Min Yoon Gi" said Kurim pointing to the guy standing in front of Jungkook. "Hyung?" Said Hoseok, approaching from the back and putting both arms on Yoongi, "why don't we take a seat and decide what we're gonna have today, okay?" Yoongi broke eye contact with Jungkook to look at Hoseok and reluctantly sat down with an obvious displeasure on his face. Everybody followed Hoseok smiling awkwardly and pretending everything was okay. "Well...that guy doesn't like me" Jungkook whispered to Kurim. "Nonsense" she answered "that's just his usual...self. Let's wait to see what they're gonna order today, okay?" Jungkook took one last look at the table where the guys were sitting down. Why do I feel like my problem with Kurim just got a hundred times more difficult, he thought. As if on cue, all the guys at the table looked his way. They all had that wondering look in their faces. It was obvious they didn't like him being there. Jungkook had never felt this threatened in his entire life before.
Dun, dun, dun, duuun! 😱 Finally, we had an appearance of the rest of the gang, only this time Jungkook is an outsider! 😆 Who will be the second lead? Any guesses? 🙋 😂.
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