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I am sure you all have many question. Well here I am to answer them all.. But wait are they the answers you expected? Mwahaha ^_^
Y/n Pov
Unable to form any type of words I quickly nodded not wanting to come off as rude. “ This is wonderful news.” He paused with a grin before turning to signal the car to go. “ First off how was your flight I am sure you must be exhausted, and possibly a little overwhelmed.” He snickered towards his obvious comment which earned a chuckle out of Jiyong. “ Hey boss man let's not scare the poor girl.” He smiled draping his arm loosely around my shoulder as if we had been the best of friends for years instead of meeting for the first time today. “ Umm Kwon Jiyong-ssi if you wouldn't mind would you please move your arm away?” I timidly muttered unable to move my eyes away from the floor, but with a playful smile dancing upon his lips he quickly removed his arm. “ Well I can see why Bobby is in love with her.” He smirked waiting for his words to hit home as my eyes widened from shocked as my head snapped towards him. “ Wait what?!” I couldn't stop myself from the out burst. 'They knew about us, but wait what is going to happen to Bobby!' I started to panic looking from Jiyong-ssi to Mr. YG as they only smiled towards each other. “ Relax my girl that is only part of the reason we are here today. Now I am sure you are well aware that Dating is strictly forbidden within my company until they have been around for a few years.” He paused letting the tension build. “ Yes sir.” I blindly nodded unable to look away from his eyes. “ Now I am here to give you a choice which I must say is quite generous of me.” He smirked as I silently cursed each time he paused. “ Now if you agree Bobby and the others will be safe beside a few words and new rules.” The weight of his words clawed their way into my chest at the thought of anything happening to them. “ And if I refuse?” I choked not wanting to seem weak as my gaze locked with his.
“ Well why don't we just go over your choices first.” He smiled eerily as whatever fight I had within me died just as quickly as it had came. “ Now remember not everyone gets this type of offer, but it is the least I can do for my brothers kid.” He smiled sadly before shaking the thoughts away.
“ Wait what did you just say?” I said not comprehending anything as my mind instantly tired to recall every family gathering. “ That isn't possible my dad would of told me something like that.” I huffed in disbelief as he quickly pulled a letter from his pocket. “ We were never on the best of terms, but I knew you wouldn't believe me otherwise.” He sighed passing what looked to be a new letter along with an old picture of when my parents were younger. Sure enough standing with his arm wrapped around my father's shoulder was Yg himself. I quickly opened the letter still full of doubt ' This isn't real my parents would of said something.' I tired to reason, but the evidence was fool proof. ' Long time no talk my dear brother. I bet you are wondering why after all this time I am writing you. Well funny thing is Ji hye and I have run into some trouble and by the time you are reading this we will be long gone until it is safe. I must ask you to look after my dear daughter Surprise! Also and even bigger shock we also have a son that is younger than Y/n but she doesn't know about him.' My Vision started to blur from the sheer shock of the words written on the sheet of paper. “ That is when I found out about you, The letter contained a picture of you at the airport with Bobby as well as a picture of your brother.” He said calmly as if my entire world hadn't came crashing around my feet.

*1 month ago Same day*

Jiyong Pov
“ Hey boss man you here?” I sang waltzing into his office like nothing only to instantly regret the decision. He didn't even budge as if he hadn't heard me over his soundless sobbing while clinging desperately to a picture in his hand.
“ Idiot's why didn't you come to me for help!” He wailed violently throwing whatever was within reach towards my direction without knowing I had even entered. With a loud yelp from me as I quickly dodged out of the way crashing into the floor his eyes quickly looked towards me. “ Jiyong why are you here?” He sighed looking back down towards the picture in his hands. “ Everything okay boss man?” I stupidly asked while standing up as he laughed humorlessly. “ Does it look like everything is okay Jiyong-ssi. My stupid brother got himself into a lot of trouble and... Well now I am left with the care of his kids that I am just finding out about today.” He huffed throwing pictures in my direction as something caught my eye.
“ Wait isn't this Bobby with that girl and is that the new kid?” I gasped as he only nodded. “ Yes her and the new kid are related, but Neither of them know about each other since the son was put up for adoption.” He sighed running his fingers through his hair. “ Now She is alone in this world.” His last words drove it home as my legs gave out as I fell into the chair behind me.
“ She knows nothing about me nor her brother so she will feel alone, but I can't not punish them for dating behind my back.” He whispered torn between what he should do. “ Hey Jiyong would you go get the first member of team b you happen to see. If they confirm it without lying I will spare them any major repercussions.” He breathed straightening himself out as he finally came to a decision. The walk out of the room felt like the longest stretch as I felt like a bomb had been placed in my hands. It didn't take long to come across someone as they stood a few feet away grabbing a water from the machine.
“ Hey Jinhwan-ssi can you come with me for a second boss man is looking for you.” I sighed felling the weight of my own words as I watched his eyes double in size. “ Looking for me?” He repeated softly as his nerves started setting in. “ Just a word of advice Jinhwan-ssi don't lie no matter what.” I said hoping for the best as I lead him into the room as I stood off to the side listening to their exchange. “ Thank you for telling me the truth about Bobby and his dating Jinhwan-ssi I had my doubts, but thanks to you.” He let his words sink in as the poor kid's eyes went from shock to guilt. It was hard to watch the exchange as I recalled when I was in his position. “ Okay boss man that's enough Jinhwan-ssi go ahead and go back to your team mates.” I said finally stepping in unable to watch any longer as we watched the poor boy run from the room. “ Hey promise you won't tell the girl about her parents just say they are in hiding change the letter if you have to.” I sighed no longer wanting to have any part of this, but it was too late as soon as he reviled his plan.

Present day

Y/n Pov
“ You have until tomorrow to come up with your answer Jiyong-ssi here will bring you with him tomorrow to go over everything.” Yg smiled eerily as the car came to a stop in front of a huge building. “ For now you will be staying in Jiyong-ssi's guest room. See you tomorrow Y/n get plenty of rest.” He smile just as Jiyong-ssi opened the door holding out his hand for me. Which I denied of course helping myself out as I blindly followed Jiyong once again as his arm tugged at me from my waist.
Yunhyeong's Pov
Today started off the same as every other day I woke up early cooked the others food. Then we all sat around the table turning on the news as background noise since no one ever talked so early. That was when it happened “ Breaking news Kwon Jiyong from Big bang has been caught in another dating scandal as he picks up mysterious girlfriend from the airport yesterday afternoon.” The Television blared as our head snapped up at the mention of Jiyong Hyung. “ Wait that cant be.” I choked unable to believe what I was seeing. “ As you can see the two must be very close by the way he is holding her.” The reporter chimed more amused than anything. “ But that can't be..” Hanbin said as we all were unable to look away from the sight. “ She doesn't know Jiyong Hyung something is going on.” Bobby said calmly shocking us all at his attitude. “ Dude he is all over her yet you are still defending her?” Hanbin said clearly doubting Y/n while Judging Bobby. “ Because unlike you I trust in my girlfriend, and look at her face she clearly isn't comfortable with him like that. This must be one of Yg's plans.” Bobby said without taking his eyes away from the screen. “ Well saying you know her the best I will trust your judgement Bobby.” I smile trying to lighten the mood, but quickly notice Jinhwan and June leaving the table without a single word. “ Just what is going on with everyone lately.” I whined more to myself than anything as Donghyuk chuckled. “ Don't worry so much it will make you sick.” He smiled before leaving to get ready along with the others leaving only me at the table before I finally sighed getting up to get ready as well.
Y/n Pov
After hours of debating every possible outcome of my choices I had finally come to a decision with a heavy heart. Just then there was a knock on the door causing me to jump with a small scream escaping my parted lips. “ Hey sorry to scare you, but the shower is open.” Jiyong chuckled before walking away leaving alone which I was grateful for. Who would of thought that a day I couldn't wait for would be the one day everything started to fall apart. With a heavy sigh I made my way towards the bathroom to at least get clean before discussing my future. Maybe the hot water would wash away all of my worries that swarmed my head with their annoying buzzing. “ I have a brother.” I mumbled to myself as the thought finally hit me, but then came the realization that even while knowing that who is to say they would want anything to do with me. “ I miss talking to Bobby he would know what to do.” I cried once the water came crashing down against me as if I had lost all will to fight. “ I am sorry Bobby I can't keep my promise.” I broke down collapsing to the ground as my legs refused to hold me any longer. “ I am so sorry guys take care of each other.” I cried clutching my chest as if it was about to burst.
Jiyong Pov
“ Hey we might be a little late getting there.” I sighed into the phone as the person on the other end gave directions on where to head instead. “ Yeah she is having a hard time I can hear her heartbreaking cries from the other room.” I sighed wanting nothing more than to somehow help this poor girl, but to her I was always going to be this bad guy tearing her world apart. “ Funny how things happen.” I mumbled forgetting I was still one the phone as I quickly laughed saying goodbye. As a way to kill time I decided to check one of my many Social media sites only to see the site flooded with many different comments. Many were supportive comments along the line of “ It's about time you dated Jiyong.” “ I was starting to worry that you would be alone forever so happy for you.” Among other things as I quickly clicked off once I saw the hate comments. “ Hopefully she doesn't see these.” I wishfully thought to myself. “ See what exactly Jiyong-ssi?” She asked as she came walking into the room as if she didn't just cry for an hour in the shower. “ How puffy your eyes are.” I joked as a smile started to dance upon her lips before turning into a full smirk. “ What about your eyes then?” She mocked making me completely fall for her trap as I rushed towards the mirror on the wall. “ Ahh I got you Y/n just wait.” I warned making her lose it as she double over with laughter. “ You. Should. Of. Seen. Your. Face.” She laughed so hard she could hardly get the words out as I smiled fondly towards her. “ I finally get to see that smile of yours.” I gushed as her face turned towards confusion. “ Oh I mean I have never seen you smile before, you look much cuter with a smile on your face.” I dumbly mumbled as she smiled sadly. “ We should probably leave now before I run out of time.” She sighed looking towards the clock hanging on my wall. “ Alright let's go my car is this way.” I sighed not wanting to put her through this.
Y/n pov
The car ride felt twice as long as the plane ride from the states as every part of me never wanted to reach the destination. “ We will be there in about 5 more minutes.” Jiyong said breaking the silence while pulling me out of my thoughts. “ I don't think I am ready for this.” I panicked as my worries started to eat away at me. “ Hey breath everything will work out some how. They say everything happens for a reason Y/n you will make it through this no problem.” Jiyong smiled as he gave my hand a gentle squeeze as if trying to reassure me. “ Thank you Jiyong-ssi.” I lamely said causing him to smirk right before pulling up towards the building I wanted to never see.
“ This way Y/n.” Jiyong smiled wrapping his arm around my waist once again as if a switch flipped an he was no longer the goofy person trying to cheer me up. “ Once we get to the room stay behind me and out of the cameras view.” He whispered into my ear way to close for comfort just before opening the door.
“ Wait what do you..” I tried to asked but with a glare from his eyes my words quickly died in my throat as we slowly entered the room so not to disturb what was unfolding. Once entering the room there were 4 things I noticed
1. Jiyong's arm never left my waist as.
2. Everyone's eyes flew towards us making me lose confidence in my decision.
3. The way Bobby's eyes looked destroyed me. And
4. There was 2 other boys standing with that I had never seen before.
“ So nice of you to finally join us we just finished filming.” Yg smiled as the cameras left one by one until the only people in the room were Yg, the boys, and Jiyong and I. “ Boys this is Y/n, but wait I am sure you all already know that.” He said as everyone's eyes grew twice in size.
“ We will get to that in a moment though. Y/n do you have something to say.” He smirked as all eyes were looking towards me. Jiyong quickly gave my hand a reassuring squeeze once again before I walked over to stand in front of Yg. “ I accept your offer.” I sighed with a bow as he nodded as if he knew what I was going to say. “ You will be leaving in the morning I already have everything paid for.” He said as Jiyong came over to stand beside me shocking my friends. “ Wait leaving to where she just got here.” Bobby said unable to keep quite any longer. “ Bobby Don't please!” Jinhwan pleaded further shocking everyone at his sudden out burst.
“ May I?” I turned to ask Yg before I said anything while he pondered for a moment. “ Yes you may go talk to them for a short moment as well as say your goodbyes.” He said with pained face as I quickly ran over to Bobby. “ I am so sorry I can't keep my promise .” I cried as his arms found their way around me. “ Hey don't you cry now everything will be just fine I promise okay. You go do what you have to do just don't forget I love you.” He purred into my ear softly before he pulled away to wipe my tears. “ Same for you never forget for a minute.” I laughed holding out my pinky which he gladly took. “ Not ever.” He smiled before lightly pushing me towards the others.
Without a second thought I headed straight for Jinhwan who was already crying. “ Jinhwan don't you dare blame yourself anymore.” I smiled wrapping my arms around his tiny body. “ You saved everyone.” I smiled pulling back wiping the tears away from his swollen eyes. “ How this is all my fault.” He started but was quickly cut off. “ No he already knew everything, but since you told the truth you saved everyone don't shut everyone out like you have been okay.” I smiled hugging him once more before moving along to everyone else saying little goodbyes until the only ones left were the two new boys I had never seen. “ Um take care of my boys okay?” I said awkwardly before walking back to Jiyong.
“ As you have just heard Y/n is leaving tomorrow she will be flying out to Japan along with the rest of big bang. Any contact with her is absolutely forbidden until after you have debuted for an entire year how ever long that may be.” Yg sighed not wanting to ever get to this point. “ Y/n will also be very busy learning many things while in Japan.” He smiled proudly without reviling what I would be doing. “ And if I hear about anymore dating from anyone you will be kicked from the company without second thought.” He warned as they all said words of agreement. “ You boys may leave to go start practicing for next months evaluation, but Chanwoo if you would stay behind for a moment.” Yg smiled towards the boys as they all quickly left one by one.
Wait so what?! What is going on!? ^_^
Everything but story: @JustinaNguyen @swarrier16
Ummk...wow, talk about throwing in a twist! lol😜 Took me a bit to get everything staight. So YG is her uncle and her parents are gone(dead?) And she has a younger brother in the group?(Channie?) Hmm...
Yes he is her uncle * neither knowing until now* * Yes they are dead* Did the end give Chan away lol?
Wow. Quite the twist. What to do?
why you playing with my feels