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i was really happy with all the stuff that i got from the screen shots. it was really fun actually!
my girlfriend is mados ex. which is not that bad. sure she hates ghouls but then again she actually is pretty i guess. not complaining
my best friend is this crazy ass guy who actually scared me a bit in the series but then again...im a crazy ass nigga, he a crazy ass nigga. best friends. no problem
my race is half ghoul half human. this was honesty my favorite. im like the new version of kaneki. shit..this is friggin awesome. im honestly speechless for this one. ima leave you at mcdonalds cuz badapapapa "im lovin it"
my clan is ankeiku. this was my second favorite. once again like kaneki. this is cool im a half ghoul in ankeiku. sound familiar? i dont care. i love it
my power is this sword thing. i gotta go so ima leave u at that
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Haha Awesome results thanks for playing!