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So tomorrow night (kst time) the next Hit The Stage episode will air with the 3rd concept of the show. 1st concept was Devil, 2nd was This Love & the 3rd will be Uniform. I just want to take this second to highlight one of the idols who has been participating in all Hit The Stage episodes so far. And that is Ten from NCT U
His first performance with the concept Devil, he chose to do a exorcism theme. Honestly I was blown away by his performance. His talent in dancing is fantastic. As one of the panel judges points out, in the beginning he dances smooth moves without a beat which is impressive. Even professional dancers can stuggle with that. In honesty, I didnt pay much mind to NCT. I do like their song Without You. So I really didnt expect much fron Ten but I was really really impressed with this performance and his talent of performing.
The next episode was This Love concept and Ten did a sudden crush theme. Starts out very cute and then gets a little more sexy as they go! I love some of the dance moves they do and I love the ending. Its like a watching a duo in a musical! Ten does really well with his dancing of course but he does good facial expressions keeping the performance playful.
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I knew he was an amazing dancer but he is just blowing me away in Hit the Stage! He's so good it's unreal!