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I have a few different favorites....let's start with side project. I really like the OST for the new show Cinderella and the Four Knights. The BTOB members involved are Ilhoon, MinHyuk, EunKwang, and Changsub. Apparently the song is a remix and remade version (by the composer and author) of the 2010 OST Angel. It was sung by Super Junior. I wish people wouldn't compare them. I saw some not so nice comments....and BTOB did NOT steal the song. They were asked to sing it for the OST.
For collaboration, I like the cover of Gentlemen sung by Hyunsik, FT Isand's Jaejin, and Hwa Sa from Mamamoo. Their voices blend well together.
I also like the special stage of TVXQ's song Mirotic that was sung by Eunkwang, VIXX's Leo, B.A.P.'s Daehyun, and Got7's Youngjae.
For solo, I chose something different from his normal. I can watch Ilhoon over and over singing Gwiyomi, because he's just so cute. He is the creator of the Gwiyomi on Weekly Idol afterall.
I do love to listen to all of the BTOB boys sing, so picking one solo just seems unfair to the rest of them. That's why I'll end this card for today.
YESSS to all of these!
I loved how they sung Mirotic. They really slowed it down. It was a different sound to it. ❤
I absolutely love that cover of Mirotic. It gives me chills.
oh my gee...Hwasa and her voice are just soo mmmmm sultry! I love that song. And the cover of Mirotic, yes!
Mamamoo is one of the few girl girls I like.