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Chapter 3

Yay chapter 3!!! It's a little longer I think. The bolded words are your thoughts. I'm just going to do that for the rest of the story. Just a warning now. Hope you like it! 😊 Chapter 2:
As you two snuck out of the bathroom, Jin grabbed your hand and guided you outside of the coffee shop. Once outside, he turned to you and then realized he was still holding your hand. He let go and looked away blushing. "Um...I have to go but...I really want to see you again so could I maybe get your number?" He said slowly. You stood there stunned. Jin wanted your number? You couldn't believe it. You realized you hadn't said anything and he was looking at you, unsure of himself. "I mean you don't have to give it to me if you don't-" he started. "No! I mean, of course I'll give you my number." You interrupted. He gave you a big smile and pulled out his phone as you pulled out yours. You exchanged numbers, smiled at each other, bowed and waved goodbye. Standing there, your smile melted off your face when you realized that your boss's meeting had already started and you didn't have the drinks because you spilled all of them. Crap. My boss is going to kill me. You went inside ordered more coffee and ran down the sidewalk toward your building. You got there as fast as you could while running in heels and holding hot liquids. You took the elevator up to your bosses office and knocked on the door. When you entered, no one except your boss was in the room. It turned out that the meeting had already ended and the clients had left. You stood there expecting your boss to yell at you but he just looked up and asked what you needed. "You asked me to go get coffee for your meeting sir." You explained to him. "Oh yes, now I remember, um...." He paused. "Y/N." "Yes, well thank you. You may leave the coffee on my desk. You are dismissed." He said. You bowed to him and then left, shutting the door quietly and walking back to your desk. As you sat down, you sighed. I guess Jin talking to me made me forget that everyone else thinks I'm invisible. ••••••The next day•••••• You woke with a yawn and a stretch. Today is going to be a great day. Today you had the day off and planned to just laze around and catch up on your k-dramas. As you laid there smiling to yourself, your phone dinged. You rolled over and grabbed your phone off the charger to see who had texted you. Suddenly your eyes shot open wide and you sat up straight. You read the text message a few times just to make sure it was real. Jin: Good morning beautiful. I hope you're having a good morning. I have the day off from practice and I was wondering if you wanted to hang out? You really couldn't believe your eyes. Jin had texted you! You were surprised he even remembered you. And he called you beautiful again! You sat there squealing to yourself and then you realized you still needed to text him back. Y/N: Good morning to you too! How convenient, I also have the day off so of course I'll hang out with you. Jin: Sounds good! Can I pick you up in 15 minutes? Y/N: Yeah, what should I wear? Jin: Comfy, cute clothes would be okay. You probably look cute in anything though so wear whatever you want. When you read his text you started blushing. Y/N: Okie! 😄 As soon as you sent the text you started looking through your closet for something cute to wear. You ended up wearing a pink skirt, a tie-dye crop top, a black choker, and silver boots.
The outfit
I hope you liked it! I'll try to write the next chapter soon. Are you excited to see what happens next? 😄
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