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Poor babies! B2uties ran to members Doojoon and Dongwoon‘s rescue with encouraging tweets when the idol stars made unexpected, heartbreaking apologies to fans on their SNS platforms. On August 22nd, BEAST‘s leader, Doojoon and the maknae, Dongwoon took to their SNS accounts to write apology posts that gnawed at the hearts of many fans. Judging by what was written in the two posts, it seems that the two members may have had a few drinks prior to confessing about their deep sentiments to fans. Here's where it gets deep!
In the tweet posted by the group’s leader, it was written, “I’m drunk right now, everyone, so I apologize.. Whenever I think about our B2uty, my heart always aches because I feel like they are constantly getting the short end of the stick and are always losing so much compared to other fandoms. Every time I think about that, I feel so incredibly sorry. That’s why we will begin to pay you guys back one by one, for each and every thing, for a long time. I love you and I thank you all so much. Sleep well.”Link
Not only BEAST fans was shocked to read Doojoon’s tweet, but was also shocked to see the drunk Instagram posts made by the group’s maknae, Dongwoon.Though the original caption to this post has since been edited, it initially read, “Hey, whatever, I’m drunk right now. Just follow us. I love and thank you guys so damn much”, as seen in the screenshot below. 》Link
Fans have claimed that during the eight whole years BEAST has been promoting, they have never seen Dongwoon use such harsh terminology and grammar, which made his posts even more heartbreaking to read. The group’s maknae even drunk-replied to fans’ comments until 3:00 in the morning. Many of Dongwoon’s comments to fans read, “What? Damn… just follow us BEAST, why are you guys talking so much?” “I saw you guys today at the concert, I was really touched by all of you,” and “I don’t sing ballad, damn, but you guys really surprised me today. I’m going to bed now, sleep well.” He even made comments that were silly and didn’t make much sense such as, “Yeah, you guys sang along with us at the concert because you followed us, okay goodnight stop leaving comments because I’m going to sleep now.” The comments that made fans’ hearts ache the most, however, were his last three posts which read, “Hey, B2uties. You guys were freaking awesome tonight. Goodnight.” (Credit to Koreaboo & Instiz)
I don't know what to say.. It's so sweet that BEAST cares so much for their fans. They feel bad because the struggles B2UTIES go through. I know they feel so happy, blessed, and thankful for having them by their side. Let's continue to support them, FIGHTING!!♡ OT6 Forever~ What do you guys think about this? Comment down below! *Photos does not belong to KpopINT. Creds to the rightful owners.

Reporter Tamika @parktaemi

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I'm sad now I never knew but I can't judge them for what they done one mistake doesn't reside their reputation now if they do this a lot then I'll be angry but u still love them but it makes my heart hurt a lot to see this
I'm in shock but not because of the drunken texts but people reactions. so what if Dongwoon said a bad word. He's a grown man. It happens sometimes, especially when You're really emotional like he was.
Dongwoon drunk tweeting was funny to me and his cursing it seemed so out out place so it made me giggle. I like Beast though they're awesome
awe how sweet
I saw the insta post I was so wait...did he use crude language??? and then I felt bad because I thought something horrible happened...
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