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Here we go again, @AimeBolanos has graced us with yet another screenshot game of the Tokyo Ghoul variety! Check out the ORIGINAL CARD for your results if you wanna play too! Since you tagged me Aime, it's time to find out who I would be in the world of Tokyo Ghoul!

Best Friend - Yoriko Kosaka

I feel like we don't get to see much of her, but she seems like a great friend!

Boyfriend - Shuu Tsukiyama

Um... HELP!

Race - Ghoul

I think I'm okay with this! At least I know Tsukiyama's not just into me for my tasty flesh! At least mosquitos and dogs seem to like it... (licking, in the dogs' case; they don't try to eat me)

My Crew - Aogiri Tree

At least I think that's who I got... I need a rewatch to know for sure, or how I feel about it...


Idk if it has a name, but, since I'm a Ghoul, I have the same Kagune as Hinami and her mother. Maybe we're related?
Nice results! Now this sounds fun.
You should play!
@OtakuDemon10 TuT lol my bad her name os Yoriko!
Yass lol so glad you played! Oh and you are from the Aogiri Tree... (lol bad side xD) and your Bff is Touka's friend
@AimeBolanos got it! Thanx!
@AimeBolanos Does she have a name I should stick in there...?