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Ravi continues to appear more and more sleep deprived as the days go on. You don’t remember feeling like you hadn’t slept during soul space; more like you’d simply had very realistic dreams. You and Narumi start spending days at the library trying to figure out what could be happening to him.
Is it possible for someone to hijack another’s soul space time and not be their mate?
If so, could one of the guys or you possibly link in and try to get answers from them?
What kind of mate hides themselves from their true mate, let alone doesn’t speak? Is she in captivity? Is she incapable of language?
Many books on legends and lengthy phone calls to parents and relatives leave you with more questions than answers. No one else has ever heard of this happening before.
No sleep is beginning to take a toll on his practices with the group. They all finally convince him to seek out the physician and ask for a sleeping aid. Each of you decide to take turns keeping watch over him as he sleeps; a sort of comfort for him, knowing he isn’t alone.
On you and Leo’s night to sit with him, about an hour into sleep he starts to stir. Leo has passed out next to you, so you simply reach over and take hold of Ravi’s hand. There’s a flash of blinding white light and you open your eyes to find yourself in Ravi’s soul space. Unsure how it happened or why, you look around to find Ravi sitting on the floor, his head in his hands. He wouldn’t be acting like this if he were alone. You search around and find no one else present.
You send your link out to Leo and within seconds he is by your side.
“Jagi, what is it? Did you have nightmare? Wait, where are we?” He looks around and seeing Ravi, goes over to his side. “What’s going on here?”
“I don’t know, but I’d rather have you here with me when I find out. I don’t know how I got here.”
A voice comes out of nowhere, “I brought you here.”
You and Leo glance over to see a woman walk in. She’s all in white with a veil over her face, just as Ravi explained. She’s beautiful; you can tell that even through the veil.
“So you do speak,” you confront her.
“Of course I do, why would you think otherwise?”
You point over to Ravi in the corner. His head is now up and he seems transfixed on her and hearing her voice.
“Why would you do that to your mate? I assume you are his mate? Not just someone playing around with him because if you are...”
She throws her head back and laughs. Her eyes flashing as she addresses you,
“I wondered what you were like. I should have known you’d be strong. Only a strong woman could still hold possession over feelings where a mate should have full control.”
You look at her confused, “Hold possession over feelings? Wonsik and I are friends, very good, close friends but friends nonetheless. I have a mate.” You motion to Leo who has Ravi on his feet and is coming towards you.
“Yes, I know you do, I saw that much from him. But you still hold some kind of control over my mate." She nods, "Yes, I am his true mate.”
“Then why don’t you show your full self to him? Speak to him? What’s with all the mystique and confusion? Do you know what you’re doing to him physically? Can you not see it each night?”
Concern suddenly flairs and she steps towards Ravi, her hand outstretched. He shrinks back and she visibly flinches, looking heartbroken.
“I’ve made a terrible error. I just wanted to see him, to know who I was looking for; I didn’t realize...” She turns to walk off but you reach out and grab her.
“No. You can’t leave like that, we need answers. HE needs answers! If you’ve never seen him before how did you find your soul space? How do you not know that once you meet here that your souls connect and it links you forever until you meet in person? What are you playing at?”
She seems even more stricken and appears to shrink visibly before you.
“I didn’t know. No one ever explained any of it to me. I thought it a fairy tale; I thought if it were true, that my powers would allow me a glimpse of my mate. I didn't expect it to really happen.” She waves at the veil over her face, “This appears when I show up here, if we have to seen each other first, I guess it makes sense. I’ve tried to talk to him; but he always just stands there staring at me.”
“How did I get here? I’ve spoken to everyone and no one knows this to be possible.”
She swallows visibly, “I cast a spell. If the one he loves touches him during soul space time, she would be transported here as well. I didn’t mean to cause any problems; I wouldn’t hurt him for the world. I just wanted to see if any of it were real, to see him.”
Her eyes wander back over to Ravi, wet with tears.
“Please forgive me, my love. I would never purposefully hurt you.”
She turns to run but before she can, Ravi reaches out and grabs her arm. They look at each other in shock,
“Speak to me again.”
“I’m so sorry.”
The relief in his eyes and body is instantaneous. He pulls her in to a fierce hug.
“I can hear you. I can finally hear you.”
hope the physical strain eases up on poor ravi.
I love this series always and forever. Hope you always include me whenever you get to update again
I hope my sweet baby can finally start to be happy. His pain is my pain. And his lingering feelings just break my heart, poor baby!
Yes!!! Whew Ravi found his mate!!!!