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[Recap] Season 2 Premiere in case you're not ready^^
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Episode 10~
“BREAKING NEWS: BigBang's Kwon Ji-Yong has been reported to have got into an accident on the way to the award show tonight. Details about his condition have yet to be revealed. The police have closed off the collision site for further investigation.”
“BigBang's G-Dragon was forced to skip out of winning two more awards due to the accident he was involved with only a few miles away from the venue. Bystanders claim he [G-Dragon] was dragged out of the vehicle and rushed to the nearest hospital for immediate surgery. His condition has yet to be revealed.”
“Rumors have been traveling within the past few hours that this was no ordinary accident. Netizens have started to claim that this was a direct attack from anti fans for the romantic relationship that G-Dragon has formed with the one and only, Foreign Flower after it was mentioned by his [G-Dragon] manager that the couple would be making an appearance together at the show. She, however, was confirmed to not have been in the car with him.”
“This just in, details of the accident have been released by the police. BigBang's G-Dragon was being chauffeured to the award show when a large van ran the stop light and rammed straight into the idol's car at full speed, plunging it to tip over roll upside down. Luckily, the chauffeur himself was not hurt and G-Dragon was on the opposite side of where the car was struck but details of his condition has yet to be revealed.”
Time had slowed down to a faction of its regular pace. Your vision blurred with the continuous tears escaping from your eyes. Out of all the dreams you have had in the past with getting kidnapped, being chased, and being swallowed by the unknown, you had finally experience the real hell on Earth.
Seung-Ri pulls to a brief stop in front of the hospital, giving you the chance to lunge out of the car and take off inside while Dae-Sung called for you to wait.
Your bare feet against the cold concrete begin to numb your toes but you push through it, running inside the ER and straight towards the operating rooms.
Nurses yell at you to stop, doctors try to grab you, but with swift moves, you dodge every pair of hands reaching out for you, as if you had already been prepared. You run down the hallways, peaking into which ever door was open, feeling the guilt that had build up during the car ride tip over the scale of emotional stability.
“I found her!”
You turn around, rubbing your eyes to clear up your vision and see TOP running over to you, a jacket in his arms. Ji-Yong's jacket.
Your voice disappears with your dried up throat, making you heave and cough to get it moistened again the moment TOP wraps you in Ji-Yong's jacket.
“It's okay, it's okay, we know where he is. We're all going there right now but you can't run off like that on us again. Hang on just a little longer, we're all aching tonight.” TOP's mellow voice trenches you with the calamity of an older brother.
You grip onto Ji-Yong's jacket tightly and follow TOP to the common area where Tae-Yang had already been waiting with a pair of slippers for you.
“We can't have you getting sick in a time like this. Ji-Yongie will kill us for not looking after you,” he smiles warmly.
The members guide you into the elevator and up to the private sectors of the hospital, keeping you in the middle and without a chance to slip out.
The smell of linen tickles your nose as you walk into Ji-Yong's room. The monitors hummed in the background while a soft white light danced above Ji-Yong's bed. A sharp yelp escapes through your lips with a new wave of tears emerging out of you, making Ji-Yong open his peacefully resting eyes and tilt his head to glance at you.
“We didn't mean to wake you, hyung,” Dae-Sung chuckles nervously.
A small smile appears on Ji-Yong's face, his pearly white teeth almost matching the same pale shade of his skin. “It's okay. I'm glad you guys came to see me.”
“How are you feeling hyung?” Seung-Ri asks, quietly, stepping around you and the members to take a seat on the chair furthest from the bed.
Ji-Yong tries to snicker, but ends up flinching in pain and moving his arms across his chest to hug his sides. “Ooh. That hurt. Remember the first night we first started learning the choreography to La La La? How we felt the morning after? I feel like that, except, fifteen times worse.”
The members chuckle.
“What did the doctors say?” Tae-Yang continues after the laughing settles.
Ji-Yong winces again. “I bruised some ribs, nothing major. I just can't do much for a few weeks which will postpone our events. Doctor said it could have been worse if I would have been hit directly but I guess I got lucky.”
“Lucky? What bastard runs red lights at full speed?” TOP adds in.
“Sasaeng fans?” Seung-Ri answers.
“Antis?” Tae-Yang includes.
Ji-Yong finally locks eyes with you. “No wonder I felt it got easier to breathe. I have flowers in the room.” He opens his arms and pats a small spot on the bed for you, “come here, you're going to get dehydrated from crying too much.”
Dae-Sung gives you a gentle push towards Ji-Yong, just to get your feet moving. You take another small step before running into his arms.
“Ahh!” Ji-Yong flinches.
You pull back immediately and bow deeply, “I'm so sorry!”
The members chuckle.
“I think she missed him more than we did,” Tae-Yang grins.
“I think he missed her more than he missed us,” Dae-Sung laughs.
Ji-Yong reaches forth slowly and grabs your arm, pulling you towards him, “just climb on the bed and carefully.”
You hop on and gently wrap your arms around him, then feel his hand lower your head onto his chest.
“There. Just lay still and it'll be alright.”
Seung-Ri shoots up from the chair and marches over to the bed. “Ji-Yong oppa, I wanna cuddle with you too!”
“Sorry, only pretty flowers are allowed on this bed. You're a panda. Doesn't work out, sorry.”
TOP snickers, “it's okay, Riri, you can come cuddle with me later.”
“Hell no.”
Tae-Yang and Dae-Sung laugh at the pouting maknae before Tae-Yang wraps an arm around Seung-Ri and pulls him back towards the door.
“We'll give you two some privacy. In the mean time, we'll keep the boss updated on your condition okay? Make sure he gets plenty of rest,” Tae-Yang says winking at you.
“Hyung! No sexual harassment!” Seung-Ri calls out before the door shut completely on him.
Ji-Yong sighs and lays his head back on the pillow, his hands rubbing your back as far as they could reach without moving his arms.
You close your eyes and listen to the beating of his heart through his chest. “I'm sorry. This is all my fault,” you whisper quietly.
"I shouldn't have sent you to-"
"Why are you blaming yourself for this?" His voice firm and cold.
You lift your head to look at him, wincing at the hurtful expression in his eyes
"This wasn't your doing," he continues in a soft whisper.
"But but look at you! You're hurt because of me!" You cry.
"Why are you saying that? You've done nothing wrong, baby. This was just an accident."
"An accident? You keep getting hurt because of me-"
"Shhh!" Ji-Yong presses his finger against your lips. "Don't ever say that. You're the best thing that has ever happened to me and nothing will ever change how I feel about you. Just be grateful that you didn't go, or else you may have ended up in worse conditions and that would have killed me."
<<But you are here because of me, I can just feel it. Please, just hear me out.>>
He takes his thumb and wipes away the tears on your cheeks. "Quit over thinking this okay? I'm going to need you to take care of me at home until I get better."
You raise an eyebrow.
Ji-Yong grins from ear to ear, "that means I'll get to annoy you 24/7."
Getting discharged from the hospital was the easiest hurdle to jump through; getting through the paparazzi outside the hospital door was the hardest.
Fans and paparazzi had gathered around all different angles of the sidewalk, causing the hospital to call the police in order to get you and Ji-Yong safely into the car and out of driveway.
The moment you arrive home, you rush inside and begin preparing Ji-Yong's bed by bringing in extra pillows for support and water by the night stand, double checking that he was relaxed and comfortable.
"The doctor gave you enough pills for the rest of the week, so I'll head to the pharmacy before the weekend to refill your prescription," you say, folding his shirt and putting it away.
"Mmmm. So happy you're here. You take care of me, I'll recover no time."
You look over at him on the bed, catching his eyes before he grins and looks away with a hint of color in his cheeks.
You smirk. "Are you blushing?"
Ji-Yong looks back over to you and flashes his row of pearly white teeth before they skin into his bottom lip. "No."
You roll your eyes with a light giggle escaping your lips. "So I have to drug you on pain killers in order to get you feeling a little embarrassed?"
He smiles brightly like an excited child then pats the bed for you to join.
You walk over to him and squat down to meet him eye to eye. "I'm not going to cuddle with you right now, Ji. I have stuff to do."
His eyebrows furrow together. "Why do you call me my name? You call members oppa."
<<I do?>>
Ji-Yong pouts, "Dae-Sung oppa, Riri oppa, Young-Bae oppa, TOP oppa."
You giggle. "I think Ji-Yongie sounds cuter. Especially since you're being cute and playful like right now."
He glares at you for a brief second then pulls up his hands to his face and touches his cheeks. "Am I really that cute?"
A roar of laughter shakes your body, making you lean forward against the bed for support.
Ji-Yong places a hand on your head and stokes your hair as you keep laughing at his aegyo.
Once you fully regain your senses, you pull back to answer, only to see Ji-Yong completely knocked out from his pain medication.
Standing up, you grab the blanket off the end of the bed and spread it onto him. <<I wouldn't say cute, more like incredibly breath taking if I had to be cheesy.>>
Ever so often throughout the rest of the day, you'd return to the room to check up on him, and every time, he'd still be asleep. Taken away into a world you knew nothing about, an invisible wall that kept you out and away from him.
Throughout the week, the media continued to talk about Ji-Yong's condition; using the opportunity to stir up rumors about the condition of his injury, drawing unnecessary attention to the amount of gifts that the fans have brought in and the demand of postponing BigBang activities until Ji-Yong is fully recovered.
By the end of the week, you step into the pharmacy and wait in line to renew Ji-Yong's prescriptions. With a few individuals in front of you, you start to wonder your eyes around the room, skimming your eyes over the different magazines on the shelf until the Vogue issue of you and Ji-Yong caught your attention.
His arms around your waist and with his lips against your neck, your direct stare into the camera, the feelings rush back to you in an instant, carrying the memories of that day in Japan.
<<Has it really been a month since....that?>>
Your feet move forward automatically to close the gap between you and the man in front of you.
<<Should we be celebrating a month anniversary? …. No. How can we? Not in his conditions. Definitely not in his conditions.>>
You tear your eyes away from the magazine as it moves out of view and refocus your thoughts forward as you prepare to talk to the pharmacist after one more person.
A low murmur from the man in front of you distorts your thinking, causing you to pay attention to the hand movements you could barely see from behind, and even backing a bit when the man began hissing something inaudible and touching the back of his neck and his shoulder sockets.
<<Getting angry at the guy isn't going to help make your pain disappear, sir.>>
You wrinkle your nose after a tingling sensations shoots through, making you to quickly plug your nose with your fingers to keep you from sneezing. As you let go, the tingling sensation returns instantly, making you duck your head into your arm and sneeze loudly before you had a chance to stop yourself again.
“A vos souhaits,” the man in front of you turns and bows his head.
“Thank yo-”
You jerk your head up at the sound, feeling your eyes grow wide the moment they interlock with the man who blessed you. The same man that stood in front of the YG building as you walked out with Ji-Yong. The man from your nightmares.
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