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Ladies and gentlemen,
Welcome to the finale of G-Dragon's Petal. <3 :)
It has been a long journey, and I mean very long (this being the 11th episode :o)
I hope you've enjoyed it as much as I have, and I hope you're excited about moving on to the last petal real soon. <3
[Recap] Season 2 Premiere in case you want to read the other petals<3
And if you've missed an episode, I gotchu~:*
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-----> Episode 6
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-------> Episode 8
--------> Episode 9
---------> Episode 10
Before we begin, I want to give a special shoutout to my editor, @KpopBeat for inspiring throughout this petal with her wicked ways^^ Especially with the finale!<3
Without her, I would have probably cringed and given up on GD.
Please give her a round of applause in this final chapter because she deserves the credit as my source of influence!^^

To @KpopBeat~ BANG BANG BANG bisheu. e.e

Without further adieu!
Please enjoy!
Episode 11~
Your heart pounds loudly against your chest, pumping the little oxygenated blood into your body to help it recover after the sudden rush of adrenaline from running so hard.
With your hands placed on top of your head, you slide down the door and rest your forehead on your knees, struggling to clear your mind of the event that just occurred.
<<It was my fault. It always has been my fault. Ji-Yong ended up hurt because of me, because of that guy trying to get me, because I'm me.>>
The images of the man rubbing his neck and shoulder sockets clouded your mind. <<Those are obvious injuries one would get in an accident. What a coincidence that I run into that guy for the same reasons. To buy medicine to recover from an injury.>>
Tears weld up in your eyes. <<I put Ji-Yong go through that pain. It's all my fault. I knew it.>> You squeeze your eyes shut and bite your lip to keep you from whimpering. <<I should have left. I should have packed my things and left. All this is happening because of me.... All this won't stop until I give in or.... No. I need to leave.>>
You jet past the bedroom and into your room, sliding down onto the floor to grab the small traveling bag underneath the bed and jerking the zipper open. Through your work files, you locate your passport and identification and toss it onto the bag then dig into the closest for something to wear that will keep you under the radar as you travel.
<<None of this should have happened, and not even a million and one years of apologizing could satisfy how sorry I am. It was all a mistake. Flowers always whither at the end of the season, so why should I fight through it when it could cause more damage than good?>>
A few basic clothing options thrown into the duffel bag later, you zip it back up and scoot it to the edge of the bed before leaving the room and make your way to the living room to hop on the laptop for last minute things, only to find Ji-Yong in the middle of his bedroom doorway as you walk by.
"What are you doing?" You ask, retracing your steps backwards to see him with a pillow under his arm and a blanket over his shoulders.
He stares at you long and hard before turning bright pink. “Nothing.”
An eyebrow shoots up. “Nothing?”
Ji-Yong drops his head and stares at his feet, pulling the innocent aegyo card from underneath his sleeve. “I woke up and didn't hear if you arrived. I was getting lonely so I came to see if you were here or not.”
Your heart palpitates, responding automatically to his way of calling for you. “Go back to bed, you're not suppose to be moving around.”
He picks up his head with a soft smile on his lips and holds out a hand to you, “come back to bed with me. I want to spend the day with you in my arms.”
You reflect his smile and take his hand, instantly getting pulled in for a quick kiss on the lips.
“Everything just feels better with you right beside me,” he whispers as he pulls away slowly, leaving you at a loss of words.
Ji-Yong leads you back into the bedroom and lays down, opening his arms for you to climb inside and nuzzle into his collarbone with closed eyes, his chin resting on the top of your head.
<<He's going through all this just to stay with me. Just so we can cuddle like this every night. And I'm over here being selfish about my actions.>>
Long thin fingers comb through your hair, leisurely and gentle, as if trying to memorize every single strand; coiling locks just to keep the hands entertained. Steady breathing, rising and falling, swaying you into a peaceful state of mind, erasing every trace of cynical thoughts with the warmness underneath your hands and cheek.
“Have you ever thought about how you want your wedding to go?”
“I always pictured you in it-” Your eyes rip wide open as you jerk up from him with burning cheeks. “I-I m-mean-”
Ji-Yong grins from ear to ear. “Is that so? I'm quite flattered to have been included in such an important event in your life. Tell me, what was my role?”
The rhythm of your heart stops. “I-I have to go-”
Ji-Yong manages to yank you back down before you could even move, locking his hands together on your back to keep you on his chest. “I don't want to assume anything too extreme but by the look of your face, I do believe I had an important role, right?”
You bury your face in his chest and nod your head.
“Maybe I was your main entertainment!”
You smile brightly. “No, not that.”
“Yeah, you're right. I'd want to participate in the party more than I would want to preform for it. Hmmm.... Oh! I designed your dress!”
You giggle with the smile still on your lips.
“Well, what ever I was doing, I'm sure I would have been married of the guy you were marrying. Probably would have stopped the wedding and object, but if that didn't work, I'd bride-nap you.”
You lean back up and prop yourself on your elbows, staring down at him. “Bride-nap?”
He grins, “bride-nap. You know, where you steal away the bride and ask her to marry you instead.”
“Are you asking me to marry you?”
Ji-Yong flushes brightly and sinks his teeth into his bottom lip. “Well, obviously not right now.” He pushes your head back down to his chest and continues caressing your hair, taking extra long to crave the texture into his head. “Just let me get better, To-Be Mrs. Kwon. It won't be long after that.”
<<Whoa, what?>>
A soft snore from Ji-Yong's lips makes you smile automatically. <<Asleep? Ah, well he's drugged on meds, there's no way he'd be serious.>> Your eyes grow heavily with Ji-Yong's low snore, capturing your conscious in the inevitable reverie of the mind.
You wake to the sound of Ji-Yong lightly chuckling and notice the daylight replaced by the night. Ji-Yong kisses you with a bright smile then slides from underneath.
“Why were you laughing?” you ask, sitting up.
“Because you were sleep talking.”
You wince, “what? No way. What was I saying?”
Ji-Yong chuckles again, “you really don't remember?”
You shake your head.
“I'll tell you one day, right now I wanna shower. You kind of drooled on me while we were talking.”
“What!” Blood rushes to your face, converting you into a red cherry.
He winks at you playful then slips out of the room to the shower, leaving you alone with the curious bug eating the edges of your brain.
Dinner is cooked and served. Ji-Yong lays across your lap as you take a turn to run your own fingers through his hair, paying more attention to him than the movie showing on the television.
After a couple of yawns, Ji-Yong gets up and grabs your hand. “Come, let's go to bed, baby.”
Legs tangled together, his arm as your pillow, and your hands placed over the warmth of his bare chest, you two fall asleep, never shifting away and never growing cold throughout the night.
Soft rays of sunlight penetrate through your eyelids, stirring you from the cozy dream in your head. Your eyes open to see Ji-Yong still fast asleep, his features eased into perfection.
<<God I love y->>
The door bell rings, startling you with the unexpected noise. You slip from under Ji-Yong's arms and get off the bed, heading towards the door after grabbing one of his shirts off the door to put on.
<<Who the hell visits in the morning?>>
You check through the peep hole, failing to find another person on the other side of the door. “Huh.”
Unlocking the door and opening it slowly, you look around for any sign of another being. “Kids.”
As you turn away, something catches the corner of your eye. You look back but direct your attention to the ground, noticing a small, elegantly wrapped package on the front door step.
With the package in your hand, you lock the door and begin to rip it open after picking up that it was a addressed to the Kwons, without a returning address or a stamp.
Opening the box, you see a small note in the middle of the box.
The hairs on the back of your neck shoot up while goosebumps develop across your body the second you lay eyes on the print.
“BIGBANG is scheduled to resume their activities in a few days. It would be a shame if this time, the target was properly hit.”
The box drops from your trembling hands.
Your heart pounds loudly against your ear drums, making it impossible to hear if Ji-Yong had awoken. You tip toe back to his room and see him still sleeping. The peacefulness on his face striking fear into the core of your heart.
<<I can't. I can't let him get hurt because of me anymore. They'll kill him..... They'll kill him to kill me....>>
A tight knot lodges itself in your throat while your eyes begin to burn from the tears that had started to line up. You leave the bedroom and head into the living room to grab your laptop.
<<I can't. I'm so sorry, Ji, but I can't.>>
A brand new word document opens up, allowing you to type away at the rapid speeds that you've trained your fingers to do. Within minutes, you wrap up the half paged letter and hit the save button then pop open a browser and google the estimated time for the next flight back the the States. Closing the laptop and carrying it back to your bedroom, you shove it in its traveling bag after your phone dings with the incoming email of the flight confirmation.
The salt from the tears start to burn and blur your vision as you pull a sweatshirt over your head and change pants. With the bags in your hands, you exit the room and close the door gently, then move quickly down the hall and across the apartment.
Your feet freeze in place in front of the door. You bite your lip and wipe the tears on your cheeks with the back of your hand before looking back towards the hallway. The stillness of the apartment allow you to hear Ji-Yong's soft snores traveling out of the bedroom, creating a tiny smile to form on your lips.
<<I love you, Ji. Please understand. Nothing can ever happen to you or the other members. You're all my kings, but you're my number one. Find someone who will think the same about you. Find someone who will actually ride or die with you, who will get their crayons, and will be one of a kind just like you. Please.... be happy.>>
The building had lost its familiarity. No longer did the receptionist welcome you with a smile or the latest gossip. No longer did any of the staffers wave hello or greet you with a joke. The season for flowers was over, and there was no need for one to continue to stay beyond its peak.
You step into your office once more and fish out your laptop from its bag, connecting it to the printer to print off your ticket and the letter of 200 words. Within minutes, you're outside your office again, looking back through the small crack to get a final glimpse before shutting the door.
You knock twice on the hickory wood, engraving the platinum Hangul into brain for the last time.
“Come in.”
The CEO raises an eyebrow the second he sees you walking in. You bow respectfully and march over to the front of his desk, handing him the long envelope in your hands.
“What is this?” He asks, opening the envelope to fish out the document.
“My letter of resignation.”
Awww! Don't be sad GD! :3
I thought you did great! ^^
Welp! That concludes G-Dragon's petal! :D
Beautiful journey right? *tears up* I think I really out did myself on this.... ;)



*runs to hide under rock*
Keep in mind that an epilogue is to be released at the very end of the season once I complete every petal!
So keep yo crayons to yoself and wait patiently, plisseu<3^^
I'll see you all soon!
I need to go catch me a Bingu after the coast is clear o.o
Thank you for reading! :D
Tagging my wonderful and beautiful anddefinitelyshouldntkillme garden! :DD
If you do not see your name on here and wish to be tagged, let me know! :D
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