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Aquarius & Lucy❣
"In the first place, I was your mothers celestial spirit, Layla.
When Layla died, her keys were passed on to you. I was so disappointed.
You were a crybaby, a brat and woefully ignorant.
You had none of Layla's grace.
But you are her daughter, so I've endured it all this time.
All these years... I've hated you.
-Do it!!! Destroy my key!!!-
There's a burning in my chest...
Even though I hate this little girl...
Even though I hate her...
I can't stop these feelings...
We won't be able to see each other anymore...
I'll miss you, Lucy.
You've done more for me than you know."

Credits to all the artists!

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shit shit shit... my tears!!
a year ago·Reply
Right in the feels 😭😭😭
a year ago·Reply
I forgot that Aquarius was gone.... I was trying not to remember, these feels I shouldn't have looked at this card ╥﹏╥
a year ago·Reply
omgeee no i am soooo behind nd i love aquarius :'( this is heartbreaking </3
a year ago·Reply
-sits in the corner and starts crying my heart out again-
a year ago·Reply