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I took these screenshots earlier but forgot to post the card, silly me I guess..
Wife. Oh... Shit.
My homie
Im a human, Rize's gonna fucking kill me
I'm with the Aogiri Tree. #SQUAD
Also @AimeBolanos, thanks for always making these awesome games, you're the best!!
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@AimeBolanos Kay, can't wait to see the next game :3
a year ago·Reply
Lol this post confused me fir awhile. I liked it tho cause it made think alto of understanding. It's interesting tho
a year ago·Reply
@MimmiBumble01 Haha Thanks :)
a year ago·Reply
lol how does being human and being in a human eating clan work out maybe life stock XD
a year ago·Reply
@HiwaRasul Spy on the CCG maybe Idk? They'd probably just turn me into a half Ghoul like Keneki and Takizowa
a year ago·Reply