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Do you remember anything trendy you wore back in the day that maybe shouldn't see the light of day ever again?

My personal pick is those 90s metal ball necklaces all the Hot Topic kids wore.

probably those jelly sandals from the 90s. or that really red lipstick...
Omg, i was wearing jelly sandals right up to 2000 lol.
I still wear stuff from the 90s. I wear whatevers fluffy, cute, colorful, etc. I'm currently wearing an old knockoff giga pet glued to a wristband. I think it looks cool馃槃
That's kind of cute actually lol. I want to see it!
Those slap on wrist bands 馃槀馃槀
Oh man, I loved those though.
All modern fads should just go away and never come back
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@danidee All of them but probably the one I hate the most is the words like skeet.
Those multi colored plastic bracelets. They were really flimsy. But came in packs or something. You could get them from Claire's or hot topic. They had solid colors and some glittery ones. They were the cool thing to wear until someone said that depending on the colors you wear is how far you've gone. If ya know what I mean lol. Then they kinda just died out. Oh! And wearing chopsticks in your hair. That one lasted a long time
Hahahaha, have you ever worn chopsticks in your hair though?
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