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I'm back with a longer chapter....hope you all are willing to bear with me lol. Also I am far from a smut writer but I will let you know there is some insinuation this time.
previously: I sat on the studio floor to start changing from my high tops to some comfortable flats when the studio door slammed behind us.....
After Hobie's little episode with the truth or dare game, the mood quickly dropped. I felt a bit awkward. I wasn't sure why he seemed mad at me. We were friends....at least that was what he had said. "I think I'm going to head out guys." I said faking a yawn to avoid showing how weird I felt about it. "Let me walk you out." jin said as he started to get up. Leave it to Jin to be the responsible one. "I'll do you one better hyung" jimin said jumping up. " I'll take her home." jin raised an eyebrow at jimin volunteering but said nothing as jimin grabbed a pair of car keys and opened the door for me. My heart was racing. My bias just volunteered to take me home. I know he's always been promoted as a sweetheart but never in a million years did I think I would luck out like this. My apartment was a short drive away and it was over before I knew it but I would cherish this little moment. As I went to get out of the car jimin grabbed my hand and pulled me back down. "What's wrong jimin?" I asked completely confused by his gesture. "You forgot something" he said. I looked around the car...I had my phone, my wallet/wristlet, and my apartment keys. What could I possibly be forgetting? He pointed to his cheek. "Where's my driving services fare?" Was he really asking for a kiss as a reward? I felt my cheeks heat up and I couldn't resist as I leaned over to plant a kiss on his cheek. I closed my eyes as I leaned. That's when he took my face in his hands and kissed me. At first it was slow and soft but it quickly escalated. Before I knew it his tongue was exploring the inside of my mouth. Like an expert he twirled his tongue around mine before pulling my tongue into his mouth. He pulled away trailing kisses from my cheek down to my neck nipping just hard enough to send shivers down my spine but not to leave any marks. He moved back up to my ear whispering in a husky voice "are you going to invite me in?" I was dazed but I began to nod when my phone began going off. I pulled out my phone to see hobie's face pop up on the screen. Jimin sighed and ran a frustrated hand through his hair. "You might want to get that." "but...." I began trying to shake the lusty fog from my head."maybe next time cutie." he smirked unlocking the car door as I got out and answered the phone. "H...hey Hobie." I stuttered trying to regain control of my body. "What's up?" There was a pause on the other line. Hobie sighed "I'm sorry for ditching you earlier. I just don't want anyone taking you from me. In not going to lie...I guess I get jealous....I" "hobie..." I cut him off. You will always be my best friend. You were actually the first friend I made since moving here! No one is going to take me away." I smiled into the phone. He mumbled something back but I couldn't understand him. "Sorry hobie, I'm unlocking my door now and I didn't quite catch that....what did you say?" "it's nothing.....nothing important anyway." I could tell he was doing his close mouthed smile. As I walked in the door I felt a pair of arms snake their way around my waist. I jumped dropping my phone. I felt a scream forming in my throat until I heard him whisper "I couldn't wait until next time" in my ear. I felt my body completely melt when I recognised the voice. He let go of my body enough to let me pick up my phone. I put the phone to my ear to catch hobie's panicked words. "Are you there? What's going on?!" "sorry hobie. I dropped my phone. I'm fine." He sighed in relief. "Don't scare me like that! You sound tired or something though. I'll let you go." "Ok hobie!" I squeaked as jimin grabbed my butt from behind. The next morning I woke up and thought I had dreamed the entire night until a leg swung over my body. I looked over at the sleeping jimin before losing to temptation and poking his cheek. He opened one eye and stretched before getting up, grabbing his pants, and making his way to my bathroom as if it was the most natural thing in the world. I buried my face in my pillow. How could I let things get so far last night. This was definitely not like me,....then again it was jimin we were talking about. I slipped out of bed and found a robe in my closet. I slipped it on and went to the kitchen to start a lot of coffee. Drumming my fingers against the counter I thought about what I would say. What did this make us? What was going to happen now? I was so lost in thought I didn't even hear the coffee cups clang together as jimin set 2 down in front of me. "Thanks. I'll definitely need this" he chuckled. "Huh? Oh...I'm Yea" I said coming back down to reality. I watched him pour himself a cup and we stood there sipping in silence. When he was done he grabbed his shirt from where he had flung it on the couch the night before. "Well this was fun but I better head back before the guys start to wonder where I am." He said. I walked him to the door, still quiet. "Hey....are you ok? You're not too sore are you?" he asked me lifting my chin and forcing me to meet his eyes. "I'm fine...it's just.....well what was this?" I asked nervous to hear the truth. I was an just an ordinary girl. You would think that I would have been happy that an idol like Jimin paid attention to me Even if it was just a random hook up, but I was greedy. I wanted more. "Well you like me don't you?" he asked "I really do." I answered honestly. "Then I guess that makes you my girl" he smirked. I was shocked that he said it so casually...as if I should have automatically known the answer. "But..." He said holding up a finger. "I knew this was too good to me true" i whispered in my head. "We can't tell anyone. Not even the other guys. If this gets out it could cause a scandal and the guys and I have worked really hard for what we have. You wouldn't want to ruin that for us right?" "of course not! I won't say anything. I'll protect you. " I promised. He smiled patting my head. "Good. I'll see you later." He kissed my forehead and slipped out the door. And that's how jimin and I began and stayed for 3 years. When we were with the guys he acted a bit distant but on the few days a week he would crash at my apartment he gave me all his attention unless one of the guys would call or text.
I glanced up at the door to see hobie had come back in the room. How long had he been standing there?! He grabbed my arm dragging me up to my feet. "You!" he said pointing to jimin, "sit!" the only time I had ever seen Hobie so serious was when he was dancing. He knelt down and retied my converse then went to press play on stereo. I heard the best begin and I stared from Hobie to jimin not really sure what to do. When I didn't start dancing jimin smirked. Hobie sighed. "Again!" he hollered from across the the room as he restarted the music. I looked at him and he gave me a nodded and mouthed "fighting " I nodded back and began the routine this time and did not stop until the very end. I was so excited that I nailed the entire routine the whole way through that I ran over to hobie and hugged him. "Thank you." I whispered. "Don't thank me yet he laughed. He took my hand and led me to where jimin was sitting looking unamused. "I believe you owe her a date!" jhope demanded. Jimin glared at me accusingly and I quickly shook my head. He thought I told Hoseok about us. "I don't think I owe her anything." He yawned back at us. "First off, the date was a joke. You know we can't go out on dates and second, she messed up when she didn't start in the beginning. Plus she took two extra steps at the end. So no." I chewed on my lip. I had worked really hard and it wasn't good enough. I felt my eyes begin to sting but I refused to cry. "Are you serious right now?!" Hobie asked in complete shock. "Yeah...I am." jimin shot back. "Why? Do you not like her?" I looked up at Hoseok through blurry eyes. There was something about his tone. "Of course not. Why would I like her?" I felt my heart crack. He's trying to protect our relationship I told myself trying to calm down. "Good " Hoseok said taking my hand and giving it a squeeze before pulling me along. "I'll take her out on a date." "what?!" jimin said yanking my other hand and causing us to stop. "You can't do that" he snapped. "Why not? She deserves a date. She worked hard. Plus it's not like you like her." "we aren't allowed to date. Are you trying to ruin your career?!" "maybe I don't care. Maybe she's worth more than fame and fortune." and with that he took my hand from jimin and smile and walked off taking me with him and leave jimin staring. to be continued?
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hobie 😢😢😢😢😢 you beautiful being you 😭😭😭😭
Damn hobie savage
Jimin, you dirty dog!!!!!! Hobie, you go and take her out on a date!!!!!!
i know hes trying to protect his hard work and all but seriously. 3 years and he still wants to keep it a secret. jhope has the right idea. someone special is worth it all.
please add me!
will do!
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