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➺ I have been a horrible Mod support. This year hasn't been my year yet. But I promise to do better ♡

➺ I want to highlight my favorite videos of Puppiekins

➺ JongPuppie Dancing ♡

➺ When he tries to be angry ♡ The boys pick at him. He starts laughing ahhddhhxjc YOU'RE SO PRECIOSU. LOVE ME ALREADY

➺ His cute and funny moments ♡♡♡

➺ His 4D moments ♡●♡

He definitely is such a precious bean ♡

❦ Babyz Mod Squad ❦

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he's so precious
a year ago·Reply
Yeasss he issssss
a year ago
such a QT pa 2T!
a year ago·Reply
I second that!♡
a year ago
I love him. He's such a precious little derp.
a year ago·Reply
Yes he is!!
a year ago