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A game once again curated by @AimeBolanos , and I was once again tagged by mah tomodachi, @OtakuDemon10
My girlfriend: Itori. To be honest, it's been long enough that I don't remember her at all. In fact, I have no clue who she is other than what I looked up. Well, I think she is a ghoul, at least, but from what I read, and am now vaguely remembering, she is probably not really my type. Well, at least she is pretty.
My best friend: Juuzou Suzuya. To be honest, for some reason, I think that I thought he was a girl while I watched the Anime. But either way, he would make for some fun and wild adventures.... involving.... killing... plus I'm...
My race? I'm half ghoul! My best friend becomes my enemy. Works for me though, suppose, because I would like to be a ghouls for some reasons, yet I also would want to be human. MIDDLE IT IS!
My ghoul power. Honestly, I don't care too much which I get, because any would be cool. This one does LOOK cool as well, so works for me!
Well I kept this shorter than normal, because I felt a lack of time. But, twas interesting! So, I will tag... them... @SimplyAwkward @OtakuDemon10 @P1B2Bear @Taylor18920 @JacobRivas Thank you for reading! All are welcome to play.
yay tomodachi!❤
Thanks for playing the game!
@AimeBolanos My pleasure.
Would you also like to be tagged in future games?