I knew when my parents bought them because they were like" go to your room until we finish wrapping them." Then I was like but I thought Santa made the presents and then my parents looked at each other and was like " umm were just santas helpers!" I already knew Santa didn't exist😂
@Mikazuki1 - Lol i got it! 😹 I was in first grade and my sister spilled the beens on the way to school and my mom was not happy. I already had a feeling there was no Santa and it was my parents around that time. I took the news pretty well but wasn't allowed to tell my friends in case they still believed.
I remember when I was ten I still send "santa" letters until my mom told me "No, I AM your Santa. " and I was like, "Nooooooooooooo!!!!! " Nah JK (if you got the joke good for you) I was like, "that explains why she wanted to know what I wrote on my letters"