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It is time for the Funny Community weekly game - Is This Funny!

Basically, I'll show you a YouTube that's been going viral this week, and ask you guys to tell me if it's FUNNY or NOT FUNNY.
Last week, I showed you a little girl singing about how she stopped wetting the bed! You all decided that while it's CUTE, it's not actually FUNNY.
This video stars someone cosplaying Tommy the White Ranger and a guy who maybe loves the Power Rangers a little TOO much.

Do you think this video is FUNNY or NOT FUNNY?

Watch the clip and then let me know in the comments below!
once i was little and out trick or treating, i saw a teenage guy dressed as the white ranger. this was back when tommy became the first white ranger. this guys mom made it for him out of sheets. it was so awesome and was ashamed of it. i think it cool of the guys to fanboy over it. they could be fanboying over way worse dangerous things.
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you could not tell that it was handmade. it looked better than the store bought ones.
This is cool! In high school I fangirled over seeing a news anchor at ihop lol
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It was my first celebrity sighting 馃槀馃槀 but to be fair it was the anchor from the news station I woke up to every morning lol
a little bit funny
I find this relatable since I fangirled over the Chevy impala from supernatural
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I'd lose my damn mind.
Hilarious. I'd be freakin out if I met a Levi cosplayer. Like, seriously, I'd probably stalk them.
Bahahha, I hope you do if you ever run into one.
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