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Hey guys, I apologize for not posting last week, but I am here and well and aliVE AND READY SO LET US BEGIN ! !
Today, we're going to do a slight throwback.
Further back.
Even further.
No wait, I lied. Just some dance vids.
Check out these special unit videos!
*spots a wild Jisoo*
And another~!
Appearing on ASC and doing all this made me slip further into the dangerous abyss of the diamond life...
This one is actually not old at all, but it's definitely one of my favorites~!
I love it because it highlights each member's skills in the unit, and it's astonishing to seem them individually for a change! And Dino's "what the funk" gets me every time.
Thanks for tuning in this week, see you next time!
Lucky Carats~
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